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Environmentalists: The Greediest People in America

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

"The greediest movement in America is the green movement. The only green they're really motived by in money." -- Zo 

Mar 25, 2011 4min
GOProud: Everything You Wanted to Know about Gay Conservatives, But Were Afraid to Ask

The Bottom Line with James Poulos

"I always knew I was gay, but we choose our political beliefs, and I knew that conservative policies are better for America, and I still know that now." -- Jimmy LaSalvia, GOProud

Mar 25, 2011 20min
Curious Case of Fred Grandy: Was Gopher Pressured Off Airwaves for Discussing Radical Islam?

PJTV Special

"The Muslim Brotherhood has one goal. And they are everywhere. And they have a lot of money." -- Catherine Mann-Grandy

Mar 25, 2011 10min
Obama Doctrine: Run to France for Help? Plus, Matthews Turns on Obama

Kruiser Control with Stephen Kruiser

"George W. Bush gets 20-plus countries to agree to go into Iraq with him and he's a cowboy…Barack Obama gets the Brits to sign on, and then the French to launch one attack, and then go back to a cafe to have a croissant, and journal about it…and he has a multi-lateralist approach." -- Stephen Kruiser  

Mar 25, 2011 12min
Bill Whittle's Situation Report: From the Barbary War to Barbarism Today, the Situation in Libya

National Security Review

"The president has obviously said that Gaddafi needs to go, but I think the question then becomes if he goes then what? We're not sure who would take over." -- Dr. Jonathan Schanzer, Foundation for Defense of Democracies 

Mar 25, 2011 10min
Libyan No Goal Zone: Is It a War, Kinetic Military Action, Regime Change, or Something Else?

Front Page with Allen Barton

"If you were to ask President Obama 'what is our purpose in being involved in the Middle East...' he would have no coherent answer whatsoever" -- Alex Epstein

Mar 24, 2011 11min
PBS Exposed! Hidden Camera Rocks Sesame Street

Klavan on Culture

BIG BIRD: Those tea party Americans sure are racist, Elmo.

ELMO: Elmo hates tea party. They want to bring back yucky Constitution.

BIG BIRD: I know. And they want people to be able to keep their own money instead of having the government use it the way it’s supposed to.

ELMO: Greedy, greedy, greedy. 

Mar 24, 2011 4min
No Joke: Did You Hear the One about the One-Legged Wrestler? Anthony Robles Best in NCAA


"What's remarkable about this fellow is he shows us this is never about your physical capabilities ... It's about your will and your character." -- Bill Whittle

Mar 24, 2011 10min
No Go Zone: The Case Against Military Intervention in Libya

The Bottom Line with James Poulos

"I think what we have to do is recalibrate our policy so that it is driven by American interest" -- Andrew McCarthy

Mar 24, 2011 20min
ObamaCare Turns One: Happy Birthday to U.S.? Plus Jerusalem Bombing and Intifada Facebook

PJTV Report

"Obamacare still needs to be repealed or its going to destroy jobs in this country -- maybe 800,000 jobs are in jeopardy." - Bryan Preston

Mar 23, 2011 8min