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Coast to Coast: The Next Wisconsin? Ohio Governor John Kasich Takes on Public Service Unions


"The provisions of collective bargaining reform are examples of what we want to do to allow people to control their costs." -- Gov. John Kasich (R)  

Mar 11, 2011 10min
Chaos in Wisconsin: What Next for Angry Unions? And Are Muslim Front Groups Subverting Our Schools?

PJTV Report

"Since 9-11, a whole host of terrorists have come out of the Muslim Student Association..." -- Patrick J. Poole

Mar 10, 2011 10min
Behold! Your Public Sector Unions at Work.

Klavan on Culture

 Everywhere you turn these days, your public sector unions are hard at work, protesting cutbacks to public sector unions.  Andrew Klavan exposes the charming charm of your unionized civil servants.

Mar 10, 2011 5min
Long Live the American Dream: America's Future and the Myth of the Tiger Mom

The Bottom Line with James Poulos

"If money made a difference to the quality of our education, our kids would all be Einsteins by now...That said, our education system is still a hell of a lot better than in India and China. In China, the illiteracy rate is going up not down...The idea that Tiger Mom's are raising these geniuses in the asian world is just a huge myth." -- Shikha Dalmia

Mar 10, 2011 15min
Frank Gaffney: Jihadists are Being Recruited Right Here in America

PJTV Special

"The problem is not entirely foreign Jihadists doing the recruitment.  It is also people are in this country recruiting under the auspices of Sharia adherent mosques, Islamic centers, Islamic societies and Muslim Brotherhood front organizations operating coast to coast." -- Frank Gaffney 

Mar 10, 2011 5min
Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX): Rep. King's Hearing Focused On Muslims, Not Necessarily Extremists

PJTV Special

"This is a hearing that is singularly focused on Muslim Americans. Not necessarily extremists, but Muslim Americans" -- Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee 

Mar 10, 2011 5min
NPR: The Hate America First Network


"I think this is the beginning of the end for NPR. It's gotten a severe flesh wound here." -- Roger L. Simon

Mar 10, 2011 10min
Miss George W. Bush Yet?


"If you had to narrow the brackets down to George W. Bush and the current occupant of the White House, then George W. Bush was the greatest President in American history." -- Bill Whittle 

Mar 10, 2011 9min
Chaos in Wisconsin: What's Really Happening & Why Unions Won't Give Up the Fight Against Walker

PJTV Special

"Taking on the status quo is no easy task. Each day, there are protesters in and around our state Capitol. They have every right to be heard. But their voices cannot drown out the voices of the countless taxpayers who want us to balance our budgets and, more importantly, to make government work for each of them." Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI)

Mar 10, 2011 11min
Rep. King's Investigation of Islamists and Home Grown Radicals Riles the Left

The Conversation with Tony Katz

"Witches were fictional. So anyone who claims this is a witch hunt must believe that Muslim fundamentalist terror is fiction as well." --Bryan Suits

Mar 9, 2011 12min