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Obama Drills, Baby, Drills - For Votes?

Front Page with Allen Barton

Surprise: Obama’s ready to extend our offshore drilling. But is the President taking a merely symbolic step toward a sound energy policy? Plus: is it possible to have more oil and a better environment? Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3327

Front Page with Allen Barton, Ben Lieberman, Allen Barton, Terry Jones ]

Apr 2, 2010 13min
Finding Beauty Online (The Safe for Work Kind)


Just when our politics and our culture start to seem like a sewer, Bill Whittle scours the internet to find three must-see gems. Watch the Trifecta crew in a moment of reflection and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3320

Scott Ott, Bill Whittle, Stephen Green Vodkapundit, Trifecta ]

Apr 2, 2010 11min
Support Your Local Tea Party: Vigilance & The Siren Song of the State

Afterburner with Bill Whittle

Bill Whittle wants you. Get involved. Get your friends involved. Help silence the siren song of the state to reclaim our country and the blessings of Liberty. We'll see you at a Tax Day Tea Party. Watch, comment & get involved here: http://pjtv.com/v/3335

Bill Whittle, Afterburner with Bill Whittle ]

Apr 2, 2010 5min
Flushed: Obamacare Is Money Down The Drain

Medically Incorrect

It's only fair to note that Obamacare didn't create our health care woes. But it's only right to explain how Obamacare is set to make matters worse. Dr. Peter Weiss invites you to sound off on the latest Medically Incorrect. Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3317

Medically Incorrect ]

Apr 1, 2010 4min
In 2010, Will Tea Party Candidates Pour On The Heat Or Get Soaked?


On the latest Trifecta, Scott Ott and crew read the tea leaves for Election ’10. From Harry Reid’s fear and loathing in Nevada to the poor performance of tea party candidates, the tea party movement faces a choice between practical politics and ideological purity. Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3319

Scott Ott, Bill Whittle, Stephen Green Vodkapundit, Trifecta ]

Apr 1, 2010 10min
Kim Jong Illin' ... Out To Launch


That President Obama. He sure can dance. Looks good doing it, too. But who's that funny-looking guy with the rocket doing in the background? Why aren't we paying attention to him? Watch the latest Politizoid and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3297


Apr 1, 2010 1min
Bigger Disaster: Obamacare, Football With Cheney's Heart, Or A Chimp On A Segway?

Kruiser Control with Stephen Kruiser

Feel the heat as Kruiser sweats, Olbermann breaks the Olbermannometer, and Ed Schultz makes Dick Cheney's heart a political football. Plus: the tweets of the week. Watch the latest Kruiser Control and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3316

Kruiser Control, Stephen Kruiser ]

Apr 1, 2010 9min
Tea Party Express III: Activists Speak Out in Henderson, NV

Tea Party TV

After the Showdown in Searchlight, the Tea Party Express III heads to Henderson, NV. Watch as Danika Quinn takes you behind the scenes and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3313

Apr 1, 2010 7min
The Week In Blogs: Dog Bites Car, Searchlight Goes Big, And Obama Goes Flat


VodkaPundit Stephen Green’s got Obama’s health care bounce, Breitbart versus the egg-throwers, and the cost of Bart Stupak’s vote. Plus: dog vs. police cruiser. Watch the latest Week in Blogs and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3330

Week in Blogs, Vodkapundit, Stephen Green Vodkapundit ]

Apr 1, 2010 4min
The Feminine Side of Terror: Profiling Female Suicide Bombers

National Security Review

Are the Moscow subway bombings isolated incidents, or is this a growing trend? Bill Whittle, Cliff May and Austin Bay take a look at the rise of female suicide bombers. Plus - Obama vs Obama: has the president learned that being a Campaigner in Chief is much easier than being a Commander in Chief? What happened to Obama's he campaigner vow to be out of Iraq by summer of 2010? Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3321

Austin Bay, Cliff May, Bill Whittle, National Security Review ]

Mar 31, 2010 14min