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Democrats Declare War on Tea

Tea Party TV

The Democrats are trying to tie the Republicans to the Tea Parties. Is this such a bad thing?  

Jul 30, 2010 7min
Mucking Up Our Culture, One Kid at a Time


Un-"F" the Gulf created a shocking video featuring cussing kids. Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Stephen Green ask how our culture got so mucked up. 

Jul 29, 2010 12min
PJTV Salutes Congressman Charlie Rangel, Mr. Tax-Law-Writing-Tax-Evader

PJTV Special

  Jul 29, 2010 1min
The Bomb: An Atomic Pioneer Believes Iran Already Has One (MEMBERS ONLY)

PJTV Special

Bill Whittle interviews Sam Cohen, nuclear scientist and inventor of neutron bomb. Cohen speaks frankly about the likelihood that Iran might already have nuclear weapons.

Jul 29, 2010 16min
WikiLeaks: Intelligence Tidal Wave or Well Planned Spill?

National Security Review

The National Security Review crew looks into the the significance of the recent Wikileaks intelligence dump. Is it serious espionage that puts our troops at risk, or a honey pot trap meant to plug leaks? Could there even be a diplomatic advantage to Wikileaks? Cliff May, Austin Bay and Bill Whittle discuss the largest ever intelligence release, Julian Assange, the Pentagon Papers, the Taliban, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the war on terror. 

Jul 28, 2010 14min
Colorado 'Credo: You're a Kamikaze Candidate If Megyn Kelly Thinks You're a Crackpot


Former member of Congress Tom Tancredo (R) is running for governor in Colorado as a member of the American Constitution Party. Is this end of the two party system or just a circular firing squad? The Trifecta gang asks whether it is time for Tancredo and other professional politicians to throw in the towel.

Jul 28, 2010 10min
The Arizona Buycott: Fighting Illegal Immigration ... One Purchase at a Time

Sonja Schmidt's Left Exposed

Don't boycott, buycott. It's the Buy Arizona weekend with Sonja Schmidt.

Jul 28, 2010 14min
GRAPH INFECTION! Climate Politics and the Sickness of Al Gore's Hockey Stick


Trifecta looks at the debate surrounding Al Gore's famous hockey stick graph, which supposedly proved global warming.  

Jul 27, 2010 11min
PRAISE THE GORE: Chill Out With Ice Queen Deanna Joy in the Church of Climate Change

PJTV Special

Good Gore! It's hotter than Hades in the the Church of Climate Change. Praise the Gore! 

Jul 27, 2010 6min
Creativity in Crisis: Is America Running Out of Innovative Ideas? (Members Only)

Front Page with Allen Barton

Front Page talks to Yaron Brook and Terry Jones about the creative process. A recent study shows a decline in United States creativity. Could the problem be that we aren't teaching kids reading, writing and arithmetic? 


Jul 27, 2010 10min