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Nine Years Into the Long War, Memories of a Plane that Looked Like Old Glory


 Unsung heroes have made us safer, but will September 11th ever be just another day?

Sep 8, 2010 9min
Felons and Zombies at the Polls: Obama's DOJ Ignores Motor Voter Fraud

PJTV Special

Could the upcoming election find itself prone to massive fraud?

Sep 7, 2010 7min
Diversity in Derivatives: Financial Reform and the Return of Racial & Gender Quotas

The Hicks File

Do diversity requirements in the so called Financial Reform Bill herald a return to the days of racial and gender quotas? 

Sep 7, 2010 11min
TEA'd OFF: Are American Voters Angry about the Economy?

Front Page with Allen Barton

What influence will the difficult economy and the Tea Party movement have on on the 2010 elections?  

Sep 7, 2010 11min
Beyond Illegal: Smugglers, Cartels & Islamic Infiltrators Crossing Our Southern Border

PJTV Special

Brandi Milloy combs the border in search of answers to the problem of illegal immigration.

Sep 7, 2010 13min
In Recovery? The Federal Government's Spending Addiction and the Jobs Deficit

Front Page with Allen Barton

Economy should be creating jobs, but it is not. In fact, it is losing jobs. If the stimulus failed, why are economists like Paul Krugman demanding a second stimulus?  

Sep 6, 2010 10min
FISCAL TRAIN WRECK: California Workers Riding Gravy Train to Statewide Insolvency

Front Page with Allen Barton

All aboard! Front Page tracks California's loco-government, which is heading for a fiscal train wreck. Next stop, insolvency.  

Sep 6, 2010 12min
By Any Means Necessary: Stop those Wiki Sneaks at WikiLeaks

The Hicks File

Should WikiLeaks and Julian Assange be stopped?vvJoe Hicks thinks so, and tells you why some of these whistleblowers might have ulterior motives.  

Sep 4, 2010 7min
Tea Party Tracking Poll Crosstabs: Taxing Questions from Tea Party Supporters (Members Only)

PJTV Special

Hear about the relationship between taxes and Tea Party support as Alexis Garcia talks to Vik Rubenfeld about the latest PJTV Tea Party Tracking Poll. 

Sep 4, 2010 2min
The Week In Blogs: Police Force Goes to Pot, While Postal Service Hits the Bottle


Ever wonder what's inside that green mailbox on your corner? Curious about what people do to get into the police force? 

Sep 4, 2010 4min