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PJTV REPORT: Democrats Revolt -- for Increased Taxes; Plus Xmas Tree Bomber, and Newt's Harsh Words

PJTV Special

House Democrats reject Obama's compromise on extending Bush tax cuts, threatening to unleash sharp new taxes and further derail the economy.

Dec 10, 2010 8min
Coast to Coast: Reclaiming America's Stolen History

PJTV Special

Steve Green welcomes retired Navy aviator Frantz Kebreau who was banned from speaking by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. 

Dec 10, 2010 7min
Scream DREAM: Could Amnesty Legislation Rise from the Dead?

PJTV Special

The Dream Act passed the House but was killed by the Senate. Is this it for amnesty legislation, or could it rise from the dead like Dracula?  Illegal immigration and more on this episode of the Minority Report.

Dec 10, 2010 10min
Barack Obama: Gangster, Wimp, or Wuss? Plus, Pete Stark Eats Brains.

Kruiser Control with Stephen Kruiser

Stephen Kruiser is back from vacation to find the MSM liberals in full meltdown.  

Dec 10, 2010 10min
The Conversation with Tony Katz: WikiLeaks' Julian Assange, Hero or Zero?

The Conversation with Tony Katz

Julian Assange: hero, anti-hero, or old fashioned enemy of the republic? Find out as Tony Katz talks to AlfonZo Rachel and Kurt Schlichter about WikiLeaks.

Dec 9, 2010 11min
Free Brian Aitken! NJ Sends Man to Jail for Possession of Legally Purchased Firearms

InstaVision With Glenn Reynolds

Brian Aitken was hauled into jail for possessing a legally purchased firearms.  How could this happen in the United States? Hear more as Glenn Reynolds interviews Brian Aitken's attorney, Evan Nappan.  

Dec 9, 2010 16min
Obama's Tax Deal: Is a Compromise between Bread and Poison Still Death?

The Conversation with Tony Katz

Curtis Dubay of the Heritage Foundation joins Tony Katz to discuss tax policy, unemployment benefits, and more.

Dec 9, 2010 13min
The Bottom Line With James Poulos, Pundits: Helpful or Full of Hot Air?

The Bottom Line with James Poulos

James Poulos converses with the winner of the Washington Post's "America's Next Great Pundit" title Conor Williams.

Dec 9, 2010 20min
The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular: Obama's Tax Compromise & Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt on Wikileaks

PJTV Special

  Dec 8, 2010 60min
Ambassador Oren: Light in the Dark? Fire Brings Unlikely Middle East Neighbors Together

Middle East Update

Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, talks to Roger Simon about the recent devastating fires in Israel, in addition to the recent WikiLeaks revelation that some Arabs fear Iran.  

Dec 8, 2010 15min