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PJTV REPORT: Public Broadcast Journalists Can Get Their Facts Wrong -- But They Can't Say "Muslim"

PJTV Special

NPR had no problem when Gwen Ifill got her facts wrong and mocked Gov. Palin, but had a big problem when Juan Williams said "muslim" on Fox News. Is there a double standard. 

Oct 21, 2010 10min
Cultural Suicide Watch: Will Hollywood Embrace Islam?


Is the entertainment industry on the verge of embracing muslim culture?  

Oct 21, 2010 12min
Tony Katz, Comically Speaking: America's Craziest Candidates

PJTV Special

Is your rent too damn high? Then this is the Comically Speaking episode for you. 

Oct 21, 2010 10min
Breaking Away? GOP Takes Lead In Polls

PJTV Special

Danika Quinn talks to Peter Roff about the 2010 elections. Will voters reject the Obama agenda?  

Oct 21, 2010 8min
SOCIALISTS IN SPACE! The Bizarro Soviet Eagle Has Landed


The Trifecta gang explores space policy and more and this episode of Trifecta.  

Oct 21, 2010 10min

Klavan on Culture

Andrew Klavan's latest video explains how media "centrists" (who are far to the left of most Americans) are worried the "right wing" Tea Party, (which occupies the center of American opinion) will displace "moderate" Democrats (who are far, far left). Please share with your friends.

Oct 20, 2010 4min
"WTF Happened in 1773?" The Daily Kos Crowd Slams Palin & Flunks History (Members Only)

PJTV Special

You've got to wonder if Sarah Palin knows she's playing all the haters like a fiddle. Every time they attack her, she emerges stronger. 

Oct 20, 2010 7min
NAACP PLAYS ANOTHER RACE CARD: Is It an Ace in the Hole or Just Another Joker?

PJTV Special

Once again, the NAACP is accusing the Tea Party of being racist. Will it work this time?

Oct 20, 2010 11min
PJTV REPORT: Banning Those Who Ban The Koran, & Bracing for a Midterm Tidal Wave

PJTV Special

Alexis Garcia and Danika Quinn take you through the big stories on PJTV.

Oct 20, 2010 11min
Outlaws: Tone-Deaf Left Levels Outrageous Charges Against Col. West


Outlaw bikers and more on this edition of Trifecta. 

Oct 20, 2010 9min