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Fmr. Gov. Gary Johnson: We're On A Path to an Economic Catastrophe, Can the FAIR Tax Save Us?

CPAC 2011

"A policy in Washington has favored the big banks and we've all paid for that. So there is this sense in America that we're kind of getting screwed and I think that is actually what happened. Banks were not allowed to fail." -- Gov. Gary Johnson

Feb 10, 2011 5min
Smart Girl Teri Christoff: Our Children's Future Is "Scary"

CPAC 2011

Co-founder of Smart Girl Politics sits down with Danika Quinn. She thinks out of control government spending is making our children's future "scary."

Feb 10, 2011 5min
Panthergate Breaking News: Obama's Department of Justice Double Standard

PJTV Special

"The most transparent administration in history is actually not very transparent if you are a conservative or Republican. But it is awfully transparent if you are a friend of the Administration." -- J. Christian Adams

Feb 10, 2011 7min
Capitalism in Space: Private Enterprise Is Winning the Space Race


 "As we speak, private enterprise is doing what only the entire nations of the United States, Russia and China have done, that is put men into outer space." -- Bill Whittle

Feb 10, 2011 11min
Go West: CPAC Headliner Rep. Allen West Explains Why ObamaCare Is Unconstitutional

PJTV Special

"Trying to tell the individual American citizen that they must enter into a private contractual agreement for a commodity is absolutely outside the mandates of the Constitution…" -- Rep. Allen West (R-FL) 

Feb 9, 2011 2min
Raising the Roof Obama Style: White House Demands Increase in Debt Ceiling


"They see no problem with a $15 trillion debt… If they keep running up this debt there is going to be an economic collapse" -- Bill Whittle 

Feb 9, 2011 9min
Whittle, Klavan & You: PJTV's Newest Program Puts Your Questions to PJTV's Stars

PJTV Special

 "How influential is the philosophy of need in the public debate and how can the policies of entitlement be dispelled as not just impractical, but at their core, evil?" - Ian Roberts

Feb 9, 2011 3min
No Peace in the Middle East; Did Obama Drop the Ball in Egypt?

National Security Review

"The Obama Administration has been flailing about…This would be a challenging moment…for any President, but it is more challenging for Obama… Because Obama did not respond to the 2009 uprising of the Green movement in Iran, it is hard for him to do it here…" -- Cliff May

Feb 9, 2011 10min
President Obama Wants to Share the Profits, but Will Michael Moore? (Members Only)


"...or do they have some weird kind of actual double-think where it doesn't actually occur to Michael Moore, who made a movie condemning capitalism and greed, is asking for millions of dollars of more money."  -- Bill Whittle

Feb 9, 2011 8min
Orrin Hatch on Tea Party: "These Are Good, Decent, Honorable People"

PJTV Special

"These are good, decent, honorable people who are just fed up, sick and tired of what what's going on in this country and how it's being run right into bankruptcy. I respect people like that." -- Orrin Hatch  

Feb 9, 2011 6min