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Millionaire Michael Moore Wants to Criminalize Hard Work & Success


"There's lots of money to go around. Lots! Lots! It's just that those in charge have diverted that wealth. They know! They know that they have committed crimes to make this happen." -- Michael Moore

Mar 9, 2011 14min
Tea Party Truth & The Dark Side of Racial Politics

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

"The ones who are prejudice are people like Juan Williams and Chris Rock who make statements about things they don't know." -- Alfonzo Rachel

Mar 9, 2011 5min
The Debt Bomb: A Decade of DC Spending is Driving America Closer to an Economic Apocalypse

PJTV Special

"Debt, by the end of this decade, will be about $160,000 for every household in America." Brian Riedl 

Mar 9, 2011 10min
Honey, I Shrunk the Workforce: The Reality Behind the Latest Job Numbers (Members Only)


"It's not just men. It is minority men getting hit the hardest...and this is devastating to the family. It destroys our cities and it creates an ongoing generational problem...The minimum wage has a lot to do that." -- Scott Ott

Mar 8, 2011 8min
At NPR, The Tea Party & Republicans are Undermining America. The Muslim Brotherhood? Not So Much.


 "So he says he doesn’t find Jewish influence among their funders, yet he’s willing to take money from the Muslim Brotherhood. And they laugh, laugh, when he calls it National Palestinian Radio." -- Steve Green

Mar 8, 2011 12min
The State of State-Funded Radio: Time to Tune Out NPR? Plus, the 2012 Republican Race Takes Shape

PJTV Report

"The video shows us that the face NPR puts on for the public... is utterly different from what goes on behind the scenes from the people who are actually making this thing happen." -- Scott Ott

Mar 8, 2011 10min
College Republicans: Fighting Bias On Campus & Ready to Get Out The Vote in 2012

Kruiser Control with Stephen Kruiser

"We know that college campuses are overwhelmingly liberal and we know that the press always tells us that the youth love to vote Democrat. Is what we know wrong?" -- Stephen Kruiser

Mar 8, 2011 7min
Dangers of Democracy: Israel's Uzi Landau on Mideast Turmoil & How Oil Dependency Affects Security

PJTV Special

"When we pull into a gasoline station, and we pull out our wallet to pay for the gasoline, we have to remember that 20 to 30 percent of what we pay goes to terror supporting states... we with our own money, are financing terror." -- Uzi Landau

Mar 8, 2011 16min
Europe's Unemployed Youth: Could Their Pessimism Lead to Fascism?

The Bottom Line with James Poulos

"Honestly, I am more concerned...that this significant middle portion of Europe's youth...could be attracted to militant reactionary politics without any kind of crisis event...You have high unemployment; you've got cultural decay; you've got sustained immigration...Isn't that itself enough?" -- James Poulos

Mar 7, 2011 15min
Klavan, Whittle & You: Have Conservatives Been Playing Defense for too Long? (Members Only)

PJTV Special

"You have to go on offense all the time. It is not enough to have facts on your side or logic or history...you have got to take that position and turn it into a story." -- Bill Whittle

Mar 7, 2011 5min