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No Peace in the Middle East; Did Obama Drop the Ball in Egypt?

National Security Review

"The Obama Administration has been flailing about…This would be a challenging moment…for any President, but it is more challenging for Obama… Because Obama did not respond to the 2009 uprising of the Green movement in Iran, it is hard for him to do it here…" -- Cliff May

Feb 9, 2011 10min
President Obama Wants to Share the Profits, but Will Michael Moore? (Members Only)


"...or do they have some weird kind of actual double-think where it doesn't actually occur to Michael Moore, who made a movie condemning capitalism and greed, is asking for millions of dollars of more money."  -- Bill Whittle

Feb 9, 2011 8min
Orrin Hatch on Tea Party: "These Are Good, Decent, Honorable People"

PJTV Special

"These are good, decent, honorable people who are just fed up, sick and tired of what what's going on in this country and how it's being run right into bankruptcy. I respect people like that." -- Orrin Hatch  

Feb 9, 2011 6min
"White" Tie Event? Racism and the Academy Awards

Minority Report

"The fact is that there are nearly all-white Boston suburbs, and there weren't a lot of black faces in the inner circles of the British royal family circa World War II, and exactly how do you inject race into a Pixar animated film that features toys as characters?" -- Joe Hicks 

Feb 9, 2011 7min
Coast to Coast: Politics As Usual in Arizona; AZ Governing Class Stops Mental Health Debate


"We can't go political unless it's about guns…The one issue America wants to talk about is the mental health debate…we set something up…but I guess that was a little too much for certain members of our governing class". -- Trent Humphries 

Feb 9, 2011 8min
Rewriting Black History Month

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

"I don't buy into black history month… I don't want to be treated rotten because of my skin color, and I don't want to be treated special either." -- AlfonZo Rachel 

Feb 9, 2011 7min
Joe Hicks Confession: Hatred of Ronald Reagan a Leftwing Religion

The Hicks File

"Hating Reagan was a religion for leftists like me. In more recent times, they've concentrated on George Bush and are now fixated on Sarah Palin." -- Joe Hicks

Feb 9, 2011 4min
Trickle Economics: A Tiny Increase in Jobs, Dramatic Plunge in Unemployment. Do the Numbers Lie?

PJTV Report

"It's Fruitcake Economics." -- James Gattuso, Heritage Foundation.

Feb 8, 2011 11min
Mental Illness & The MSM: Get the Facts, Know The Answers

Sonja Schmidt's Left Exposed

"There is help, and there is hope. But admitting you are a whack job is the very first step." -- Sonja Schmidt 

Feb 8, 2011 5min
10 for 10: Poliwood's Oscar Nominee Predictions Come True


Roger L. Simon on Iran: "How can you trust in a nuclear negotiation a country that puts its great artists in jail for six years and forbids them to work for 20 years?" 

Feb 8, 2011 8min