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WEEK IN BLOGS: Ruining the Economy, Ducking Ground Zero Mosque Questions & Leadership We Deserve


The housing market, the audacity soap, crash the Tea Party, the jobs deficit and more. 

Aug 28, 2010 4min
The Double Secret Muslim Secret So Secret Only MSNBC Talks About It

Kruiser Control with Stephen Kruiser

Is Chris Matthews obsessed with Obama and Islam?  

Aug 27, 2010 13min
TEA PARTY TRACKING POLL: Independents Are Drinking the Tea (Members Only)

Tea Party TV

Support for Tea Party grew among Independents in Week Four of the Tea Party Tracking Poll.  

Aug 27, 2010 0min
Coast to Coast: Citizen Activists Unite! Liberty Central and the 2010 Election


Stephen Green talks to Sarah Field about Liberty Central and the role citizen activists can play in the upcoming election.  

Aug 27, 2010 7min
Brandi Milloy Reports: It's Elementary, Illegal Immigration's Impact on Our Public Schools

PJTV Special

Illegal immigrants are costing America.


Aug 27, 2010 6min
The Chinese Century? Not So Fast...


China recently became the world's second largest economy. Should America be worried?

Aug 26, 2010 12min
Obama's Electioneers: Intimidation & Dirty Tricks Undermined Hillary Clinton's Campaign

PJTV Special

Gigi Gaston talks to Joe Hicks about irregularities in the 2008 Dem. primaries and caucuses.  

Aug 26, 2010 15min
A One-Term Presidency?

The Hicks File

Is Obama a one term president?  

Aug 26, 2010 7min
Andrew Klavan: Does Islam Suck?

Klavan on Culture

A group would like to build a mosque near Ground Zero. Andrew has a few reasonable questions for our muslim friends. He hopes he can get them answered before some jihadi psycopath murders us all.

Aug 26, 2010 4min
The Institute for Justice: A Formidable Band of Libertarian Litigators Take On Tyrannical Government

InstaVision With Glenn Reynolds

Glenn Reynolds talks with Scott Bullock, from the Institute for Justice, about  free market litigation, private property, and the curious case of the Benedictine Monks.

Aug 25, 2010 13min