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Mickey Kaus Interview (Part 1): Does Obama Really Like Running GM?

The Hicks File

Journalist Mickey Kaus visits the Hicks File to discuss illegal immigration, the Obama agenda, health care and more. Kaus thinks that Obama does not like running General Motors. Is he right? Find out.

Nov 29, 2010 10min
Tony Katz, Comically Speaking: Big Government Turkeys Serving Expensive Lame Duck for Thanksgiving

PJTV Special

More spending flies in the face of reason, no? So why is the government acting as though it can afford a lavish feast in this lame duck season? 

Nov 27, 2010 8min
START: Sound Treaty or Terms of Surrender?

Front Page with Allen Barton

James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation discusses Russia and the START treaty on this edition of Front Page.

Nov 27, 2010 14min
Week in Blogs Thanksgiving Edition: What Every Parent Should Tell Their Kids About Star Wars


What do Han Solo, Megyn Kelly, body cavities, the TSA, and naked backs have in common? They are all things for which Steve Green is thankful. 

Nov 27, 2010 4min
Coast to Coast: The Great Binghamton Tea Party (Give Us Soda, or Give Us Death!)


Trevor Leach, the man who revived Tea Parties, joins Steve Green to talk about the Tea Party movement. He poured soda into a Binghamton area river to protest a proposed sugar tax. Leach never dreamed that Tea Parties would spread nationwide.

Nov 26, 2010 6min
Engineering Innovation without Tenure or Unions


Is it time to rethink tenure in education and the civil service?

Nov 26, 2010 10min
The Black Friday Plague: Consumer Confidence Remains Weak

Front Page with Allen Barton

Will holiday shopping remain plagued by low consumer confidence?  

Nov 26, 2010 9min
Tingle Bells! You Can't Talk About Turkey Day Without Mentioning Chris Matthews

Kruiser Control with Stephen Kruiser

Stephen Kruiser brings you a Tingle Time holiday special.  

Nov 26, 2010 11min
Robert Duvall: Why Hollywood's Best Actor Isn't Very "Hollywood"


With an all-star cast, the film "Get Low" is aiming for an Oscar. The leading role is played by Robert Duvall, who is arguably the best actor in Hollywood today. 

Nov 26, 2010 8min
The Bottom Line with James Poulos: J.P. Freire, Airport Security & Our Growing Nanny State

The Bottom Line with James Poulos

J.P. Freire of the Washington Examiner talks to James Poulos about the new TSA security measures.  

Nov 25, 2010 14min