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Worse Than Van Jones? Obama's Diversity Czar - Mark Lloyd - Has Problems In His Past

The Hicks File

Joe Hicks, The Hicks File ]

Oct 6, 2009 7min
The Contract From America: By the People, For the People & Created Online

PJTV Daily

Tea Party Coverage, PJTV Daily Show, Bill Whittle ]

Oct 6, 2009 7min
Michael Ledeen & Andrew McCarthy: Bad Iranian Policy, Olympic Bungles & Playoff Baseball

Faster, Please!

Faster, Please!, Michael Ledeen ]

Oct 5, 2009 10min
Five for Fighting and an MSM Hit Job on a Republican Backfires Badly

Hugh News

Hugh Hewitt, Hugh News ]

Oct 5, 2009 4min
Hair of the Dog: More Nukes for Iran, Fewer Jobs for Americans & Zero Afghan Strategy. Yikes.


Stephen Green Vodkapundit, Vodkapundit ]

Oct 5, 2009 5min
Game Theory and a Losing Strategy: Obama's Bad Judgment With The Prisoner's Dilemma

Afterburner with Bill Whittle

Bill Whittle, Afterburner with Bill Whittle ]

Oct 5, 2009 9min
Afghanistan In Peril: Will Obama Lose a War We Were Poised to Win? Analysis from Michael Yon

National Security Review

Cliff May, Austin Bay, Bill Whittle, National Security Review ]

Oct 4, 2009 14min
Steven Crowder, Michael Moore: A Capitalist's Story

Louder With Crowder

Steve Crowder, Louder with Crowder ]

Oct 4, 2009 5min
Held Hostage in Iran: Wasting Away While Carter Dithers, Part 3

Faster, Please!

Faster, Please!, Michael Ledeen ]

Oct 3, 2009 16min
Held Hostage in Iran: The Seizing of the US Embassy, Part 2

Faster, Please!

Faster, Please!, Michael Ledeen ]

Oct 3, 2009 12min