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HAIR OF THE DOG: Obama is in Asia, Hillary & Rudy Are Everywhere Else


Stephen Green looks at the Sunday talk shows. Featuring Rudy Giuliani's criticism of Attorney General Eric Holder's choice to hold the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed trial in New York City, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's attempts to cover for President Obama's dithering. ("VodkaPundit's Hair of the Dog") http://www.pjtv.com

Nov 16, 2009 5min
The Week in Blogs: Which Is Worse--A Major Jihadist or Gay Privates?


Stephen Green takes on the military's curious double standard, Chris Matthews' stupefying questions, and why the left has a hard time supporting the victims of the Fort Hood shootings. ("VodkaPundit: The Week in Blogs") http://www.pjtv.com

Steve Crowder ]

Nov 14, 2009 5min
See No Evil: Willful Blindness of 'Experts' Enables Jihadists to Flourish

Faster, Please!

Michael Ledeen (National Review Online), author of Accomplice to Evil, finds a link between the United States' Iran policy and the attempts to turn Fort Hood gunman Nidal Malik Hasan into a victim: willful ignorance of the jihadist threat.   http://www.pjtv.com

Faster, Please!, Michael Ledeen ]

Nov 14, 2009 8min
Poisoned Ivies: American Academia Educates and Excuses Terrorists

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

AlfonZo Rachel details how Al Qaeda's academic apologists allow terrorists to receive a U.S. education and excuse their behavior. ("AlfonZo Rachel Presents ZoNation") http://www.pjtv.com

Alfonzo Rachel, AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation, ZoNation ]

Nov 14, 2009 5min
Let's Get Small: Why Large Firms Need to Act Like Start-Ups to Survive

Ed Driscoll's Silicon Graffiti

Ed Driscoll (EdDriscoll.com) interviews Michael S. Malone, author of The Future Arrived Yesterday: The Rise of the Protean Corporation and What It Means for You. ("Silicon Graffiti") http://www.pjtv.com

PJTV Special Report, PJTV Daily Show ]

Nov 13, 2009 11min
'A Radical for Capitalism': Author Unfolds Ayn Rand's Life & Legacy

PJTV Daily

Mark Hemingway (National Review Online) interviews Jennifer Burns, author of Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right, about the Objectivist icon's life and legacy. ("PJTV Daily") http://www.pjtv.com

PJTV Daily Show, Mark Hemingway  ]

Nov 13, 2009 12min
Breast Intentions: Don't Fall for Nanny-Staters' Booby Trap

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

Which political party offers Americans' freedoms the best support? AlfonZo Rachel shows how nanny-state liberals rack up false promises. ("AlfonZo Rachel Presents ZoNation") http://www.pjtv.com

Alfonzo Rachel, AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation ]

Nov 13, 2009 3min
Worms Headed for the Big Apple: Dr. Walid Phares on the Terrorists Going to Trial in New York City

National Security Review

Bill Whittle interviews Dr. Walid Phares of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies about the upcoming trial of Khalid Sheih Mohammed and other 9/11 suspects in New York City. ("National Security Review") http://www.pjtv.com

Walid Phares, Bill Whittle, National Security Review ]

Nov 13, 2009 12min
Rogue Warriors: Palin's Power Is With the People

Sonja Schmidt's Left Exposed

Sonja Schmidt finds out what people on the streets of New York City have to say about Sarah Palin's  new book Going Rogue. 'Cuda fans, brace yourselves. ("Left Exposed") (http://www.pjtv.com)

Sonja Schmidt's Left Exposed, Sonja Schmidt ]

Nov 13, 2009 9min
Are the Oscars Corrupt?


Screenwriter Roger L. Simon and filmaker Lionel Chetwynd discuss questionable elements of the Academy Awards' nomination process. ("Poliwood") http://www.pjtv.com

Nov 13, 2009 10min