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Global Warming Update: Relax America, the World Isn't Melting (Members Only)


"If these glaciers are not melting the whole thing is wrong" -- Bill Whittle

Feb 20, 2012 4min
The U.N. Slaps Syria on the Wrists & the U.S. Faces Longest Unemployment Since Great Depression

PJ News Break

"The real unemployment figure is 15%" -- Scott Ott

Feb 17, 2012 3min
American Narcissist? Obama Personality Cult Grows Bigger and Stronger


"[Obama] receives worship willingly" -- Scott Ott


Feb 16, 2012 7min
Santorum Tops Romney in Polls, China's Next Top Dog Visits America & America's Top Dog Is Chinese

PJ News Break

"Mr. Xi smiled and said to Mr. Obama, 'that's all very interesting, now what have you done with our money?'" -- Scott Ott

Feb 15, 2012 3min
Thick as Thieves: Are Media Matters and The White House Colluding?


"What do condoms, George Soros, Barack Obama and George Stephanopoulos have in common? -- Stephen Green 

Feb 15, 2012 7min
Tough Love or Bad Dad? Father Shoots Daughter's Laptop and Posts Video on Web


"That guy has my exact have to use hollow points on the laptop" --Bill Whittle 

Feb 14, 2012 8min
Obama's Plan to Win Transgender Voters. Plus, Budget Madness as Obama Goes 'Linsane'

PJ News Break

"Biden...hopes to bolster Obama's support in the Transgender community by hosting a dinner for Mr. Xi" -- Scott Ott

Feb 13, 2012 3min
17) The Oldest-Newest Amendment

Freedom Academy


Feb 13, 2012 4min
Distilling the Truth about the Rise in Liquor Sales (Members Only)


"Liquor sales went back up to cask strength" -- Stephen Green


Feb 11, 2012 3min
BREAKING: Obama Reaches Contraception Compromise, But Won't Pass a Budget

PJ News Break

"About 60 percent of mortgages are held by government-owned mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, whose executives did not take part in negotiations, due to a previous commitment to watch the Super Bowl." -- Scott Ott

Feb 10, 2012 3min