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RNC Wrap Up: Meet the Candidates the MSM Doesn't Want You To See


"Here's one speaker the networks had to show you, because he introduced his party's nominee.  Ladies and gentlemen, Marco 'Wilson' Rubio" -- Stephen Green

Sep 4, 2012 8min
Election 2012: What Obama and Romney Need to Do To Win the Debates (Members)


"Romney is confident…presidential" -- Bill Whittle

Sep 1, 2012 3min
Romney Promises to Help Your Family, Obama Promises to Help Oceans

PJ News Break

"The Pentagon officially warned a former Navy SEAL" -- Scott Ott

Aug 31, 2012 3min
The Smell of Fear: Obama Is Throwing Hit after Hit at the Side of a Barn (Members Only)


"Obama needs to be up by five to ten points" -- Bill Whittle 

Aug 31, 2012 7min
Obama's Money Trouble: Are People Voting With Their Pocketbooks?


"Nobody likes Barack Obama" -- Bill Whittle

Aug 30, 2012 6min
The Democrats Declare War on Reality. Plus, MSNBC Censors Female and Minority Speakers

PJ News Break

"An MSNBC spokesman said the network was merely protecting those minority speakers from being outed as Republicans" -- Scott Ott

Aug 29, 2012 3min
Keeping Dems Honest: CNN's Anderson Cooper Puts Truth First and Challenges DNC Abortion Lies


"Thank you Anderson Cooper...for showing that truth matters" -- Scott Ott

Aug 29, 2012 8min
RNC 2012: It's the Issues, Stupid! Bill Whittle Breaks Down What Matters to Voters

RNC 2012

Day 2 of RNC coverage

Aug 28, 2012 64min
Neil Armstrong 1930-2012


"I read yesterday that no one born after 1935 has walked on the Moon" -- Bill Whittle

Aug 28, 2012 8min
Isaac Delays GOP Convention, and Hit Movie Slams Obama

PJ News Break

"A new CNN poll says people think President Obama cares more about them, but that Mitt Romney is a better manager" -- Scott Ott

Aug 27, 2012 5min