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Zo v. Calderon: The Liberal Hypocrites & Mexico's President

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

  Mexican president Felipe Calderon gave a speech in America in which he expressed his opinion on the Arizona immigration law. In his latest segment Alfonzo Rachel responds with some choice words of his own. Find out what he said and respond here: http://pjtv.com/v/3668

May 28, 2010 5min
ZoNation Turns Five! Zo Reflects on His Years at PJTV

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

Five years of ZoNation on PJTV! The mastermind behind the one-of-a-kind rants, skits and musical parodies reflects on some of the highlights over the years.  Zo also tells us the story of how he ended up at PJTV and previews his plans for the future of ZoNation. 

Mar 27, 2014 4min
ZoNation: Conservative Blacks are Mouth-Pieces According to William Barber

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

"And what is it that the Republicans are doing to rope us in? Government cheese, peanut butter, government housing, free abortions, food stamps, promises of free health care, free cell phones, welfare checks, minimum wage increases???" --AlfonZo Rachel

Feb 7, 2014 8min
ZoNation: Figuring Out What That "Hope and Change" Meant

Ten in Two

Hope and change? Just what does it mean? Zo tells you.

Jan 7, 2011 2min
ZoNation: Observing Black History Month

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

"If people like Frederick Douglas, Booker T. Washington, and Carter G. Woodson, can rise up out of the adversities they faced, then the black community should be light years ahead now, because we don't face those adversities anymore." --AlfonZo Rachel

Feb 14, 2014 6min
ZOreo?!? Racist Liberals Accuse Zo of Being Too White

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

"Let the hate flow through you Darth Hater"

Jun 13, 2013 9min
“You Lie!”... Don’t Be Intimidated By The Race Hustling Democrats

The Hicks File

Joe Hicks, The Hicks File ]

Sep 20, 2009 6min
FLASHBACK: Herman Cain at Freedom Fest: Americans Don't Want Tax Hikes, They Want Leadership

Freedom Fest 2011

Herman Cain wouldn't give a six-year old a loaded gun. So why would you give more money to President Obama? 

Jul 16, 2011 10min
Everything You Wanted to Know About Job Creation (But Were Too Afraid to Ask)


"I think the best thing we could do...is go to a fair tax" -- Stephen Green

Sep 6, 2011 7min
Meet Maxine Waters-larvae

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

"Miss Maxy, economies are collapsing because of people like you" -- AlfonZo Rachel

Sep 13, 2011 6min