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Rocking The Union Vote: Obama Administration Cracks Down on Gibson Guitars


"This is a war on corporations" -- Bill Whittle 

Aug 31, 2011 7min
Romney Joins a Growing Field of GOP Contenders, But Will RomneyCare Make His Campaign DOA?

PJTV Report

"[Obama] vastly overpromised … he said we would be out of Iraq by now. He said Gitmo would be closed, and terrorists would be tried in civilian courts… he made all of these promises. The seas would not be rising when he was elected President..." -- Bryan Preston

Apr 11, 2011 7min
Sex Slaves for He But Not for Thee: The Perverted Politics of the Redgrave Family


"The Redgrave family makes the Hollywood Left seem more like William F. Buckley." - Roger Simon 

May 16, 2011 9min
Shame-a-Lot: Liberal Censors Kill Kennedy Mini-series


"They've become masters of thought control and public control which I think is beyond anything the British Royals have pulled off." - Roger Simon on Kennedy Family control over their image.

The Kennedy miniseries was killed by people who feared a alternative telling of the Camelot story. Is liberal sponsored censorship alive and well in Hollywood? Find out on this episode of Poliwood.


Jan 28, 2011 7min
Silenced by Sensitivity: Fred Grandy Loses His Radio Show for Speaking Out Against Radical Islam

The Bottom Line with James Poulos

"One of the preises of moving this kind of stealth jihad insidiously across this country is to use our Constitution and our First Amendment rights to get us to tolerate intolerance." -- Fred Grandy 

May 6, 2011 16min
Smart Girl Politics: The Fempire Strikes Back Against ObamaCare

PJTV Daily

Rebecca Wales, PJTV Daily Show, Sonja Schmidt ]

Aug 10, 2009 10min
Swine Flu Swindle: Pols Aim to Lard It Over Us with State-Run Healthcare

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

Should flu sufferers be porcine and not heard? AlfonZo Rachel thinks politicians are "bacon" up a plan to use the swine scare to rush through their healthcare plan.  ("ZoNation")  http://www.PJTV.com

Nov 3, 2009 3min
Tale of the Dog: The Straight Poop on Big Government's Doggie Doo Bags (Members Only)


"This story stinks." -- Stephen Green

Sep 10, 2011 5min
Tevi Troy: The Many Avenues for Repealing Obamacare

CPAC 2011

"It is likely that the Supreme Court will weigh in on this before there is another legislative bite at the apple." -- Tevi Troy on ObamaCare 

Feb 11, 2011 12min
The Battle of New Oil-leans (Apologies to Johnny Horton)

PJTV Special

Join Country Zo and the Oil Fish down on the Bayou as they sing about BP and the Gulf oil spill. Hear how Obama played golf, while up from the Gulf came a bubblin' crude (Oil, that is...Texas Tar balls).

Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3831

Jul 1, 2010 3min