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What Difference Does It Make?

Afterburner with Bill Whittle

"A man who threw his medals over the fence at the White House to protest his own military service." -- Bill Whittle

Jan 31, 2013 5min
What Do a Gender-bending Athlete, European Supermodels and the Governor of NY All Have in Common?

The Hicks File

Joe Hicks, The Hicks File ]

Sep 3, 2009 5min
What Do We Do About The Donald?

PJTV Special

"Go to it Donald! Tell 'em, 'You're fired!'" -- Roger L. Simon

Dec 20, 2011 2min
What has Bill Whittle Learned from his Audience? (Members Only)

Hot Seat with Bill Whittle

In this edition of Hot Seat, Bill is asked what he has learned from his audience. Hear his heartfelt response. Also, how do we keep going with $18 trillion in debt?!?

Jan 3, 2015 15min
gun-constitution What if The Government Came for Your Guns? (Members Only)


If The Government came to confiscate your guns, what would you actually do? Find out what The Stalwarts would do in this Wildcard.

Jan 15, 2016 9min
What is Manhood (Other Than Physical Traits)? [Members Only]

Hot Seat with Bill Whittle

What makes a man? Is it courage? Sensibility? Wisdom? Or is it just something you're born into? Check this Hot Seat out; it features Bill Whittle answering this and other questions submitted by you.

Dec 5, 2014 9min
What Liberty Looks Like: Stories of Freedom

Afterburner with Bill Whittle

Heading out on the open road on your motorcycle? Running your small business? These are everyday stories of freedom in America--what liberty looks like.

Jan 29, 2015 7min
What Two Words Won't Be Spoken? A. "Radical Islam" B. "Illegal Immigrant" or C. "Boxers, Briefs?"

Kruiser Control with Stephen Kruiser


It's another week and the internet and cable news shows are as chock full of crazy as ever, and Stephen Kruiser has the videos to prove it. Check out this week's show and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3624



Kruiser Control, Stephen Kruiser ]

May 21, 2010 14min
What We're Thankful For: Gas Prices, Majorities, & 'The View'

Up or Down

On this Thanksgiving weekend, we ask the Up or Down crew what they're thankful for: the new cast of 'The View,' the iPhone 6, low gas prices... 

Nov 29, 2014 15min
bernie-sanders-small What Would a Bernie Sanders Presidency Actually Look Like? (Members Only)

Hot Seat with Bill Whittle

Socialism, no money, less freedom, lack of good education, the death of entrepreneurship, and a failing world... this is a Bernie Sanders Presidency...

Sep 3, 2015 14min