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Big Fat Liar? What the Chris Christie Scandal Means for You


"But, isn't this coverage the kind of thing that can sink a politician, even a good one?" -- Stephen Green

Jan 14, 2014 5min
Big Government Catch: Governments Seize 881 Pound Fish and 200 Pound Kid (Members Only)


"We're protecting idiocy and a lack of common sense" -- Bill Whittle

Dec 3, 2011 4min
Big Green, Al Gore and MSM Still Blowing Hot Air


Al Gore's global warming science is clearly flawed, so why are the environmentalists still brainwashing our kids, and why does the media keep pushing a global warming agenda? Will the mainstream media keep providing cover for Al Gore's agenda, or will he ever be exposed as a man who got rich hawking flawed science?

Nov 23, 2010 9min
Big Labor Lies about Honest Abe: Liberals Taking Liberties With Lincoln


"Lincoln actually spoke against crony capitalism" -- Scott Ott

Sep 14, 2011 7min
Big Sis and the Big Eye in the Sky


Has the police state arrived? Find out.

Dec 30, 2010 8min
Bill Gates Says There Will be No More Poor Countries by 2035


"Handouts lead to dependency and mental inertia" -- Bill Whittle

Jan 23, 2014 6min
Bill Maher Leading Tax Revolt?!? HBO Host Thinks He Is Paying Enough in Taxes (Members Only)


"Bill Maher says he is paying too much in taxes?!?"  --  Stephen Green

Mar 22, 2013 4min
BioLite: Meet the Product that Could Change the World (Members Only)


"Now, they want to save the world, and they want to get rich doing it" -- Scott Ott

Nov 10, 2012 5min
Bitcoin: Is an Alternative Internet Currency More Valuable than the U.S. Dollar? (Members Only)


"It's a very volatile market" -- Scott Ott

Apr 13, 2013 4min
Bleeding Us Dry: What Are We Getting For Our Money?


Monied Congressmen, exploding debt, and more government jobs: the only shining city on a hill around here is Washington, D.C. How much of the country can they shove into the public sector? VodkaPundit Stephen Green helms the latest Trifecta. Watch the latest and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3318

Scott Ott, Bill Whittle, Stephen Green Vodkapundit, Trifecta ]

Mar 31, 2010 8min