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Are You Ready to Christen Chris Christie? (Members Only)


"Get behind a platform that makes some sense" -- Stephen Green

Nov 15, 2013 4min
Arrogant At Home, Servile Abroad: Why Can’t Obama Stop Bowing To Foreign Leaders?


Americans have always known that the practice of bowing is the worst of the Old World – a debasing act kings and tyrants impose on aristocrats and servants. What’s why Presidents shake hands. Except President Obama, whose arrogance bizarrely ends at the water’s edge. Watch the latest Trifecta and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3374

Scott Ott, Bill Whittle, Stephen Green Vodkapundit, Trifecta ]

Apr 13, 2010 9min
Artsy Fartsy: Trifecta's Night Out at the Ballet with the Guys


"Out in the woods by a creek on the side of a mountain, you can call it God's museum." -- Steve Green 

May 30, 2011 11min
Asylum for Terrorists? New U.S. Immigration Policy Welcomes Terrorists


"The State Department has rejected virtually all of the 20,000 asylum applications from Coptic Christians trying to escape Egypt since the toppling of Mubarek" -- Tammy Bruce

Mar 5, 2014 5min
At NPR, The Tea Party & Republicans are Undermining America. The Muslim Brotherhood? Not So Much.


 "So he says he doesn’t find Jewish influence among their funders, yet he’s willing to take money from the Muslim Brotherhood. And they laugh, laugh, when he calls it National Palestinian Radio." -- Steve Green

Mar 8, 2011 12min
Attack of the Drones: Does Technology Threaten Your Life and Liberty? (Members Only)


"He used to fly over the river buzzing water skiers launching model rockets and bottle rockets" -- Stephen Green


Dec 22, 2012 5min
Attack Watch! Obama’s Socialist Agenda Targets Free Speech


"The very first thing I did when I heard about Attack Watch was to reach down and pick my jaw up off the floor. The second thing I did was go to AttackWatch.com and report myself" -- Bill Whittle 

Sep 20, 2011 10min
Attention MSNBC: Rep. Paul Ryan Was Not Running for Congress in Upstate New York


"That's Rachel Maddow's kill the old people plan." -- Steve Green 

May 26, 2011 14min
Award-Winning Essay on Frederick Douglass Lands Student in Big, Big Trouble (Members Only)


"When I find myself sitting in a crowded classroom where no real instruction is taking place I can say history does repeat itself." -- Jada Williams


Mar 17, 2012 4min
Bachmann Up! Is Michele Bachmann Ready for the Big Leagues?


"Progressive elites don’t even think that conservative women are women" -- Tony Katz 

Jun 16, 2011 11min