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Ceiling is Believing: Is the Obama Administration Being Truthful about the Debt Limit


"The real issue not on the table: Is this in fact a ceiling? Is this in fact a limit? It's clearly not. So are we ever going to limit this spending...not if these guys get their way." -- Bill Whittle

Apr 28, 2011 10min
Celebrating Earth Day: Is There Something Sinister Behind the Silliness?


Cap and tax, carbon restrictions, international accords that hobble economies - is all this really done to save the Earth, or is another agenda afoot? Watch as the Trifecta crew peers into the depths of left environmentalism and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3438

Scott Ott, Bill Whittle, Stephen Green Vodkapundit, Trifecta ]

Apr 20, 2010 9min
Celebri-politics: We the Celebrities, of the United States of America...

The Bottom Line with James Poulos

Amy Holmes, from America's Morning News, visits The Bottom Line to discuss the role of celebrity in politics.

Jan 7, 2011 11min
Censorship of Islamic Terminology: A Call for a Congressional Inquiry

Sharia and Jihad

In a special commentary, PJTV CEO Roger L. Simon applauds the efforts of Senators Joseph Lieberman and Susan Collins to have have open communication about Islamic extremism and more openess about Ft. Hood documents. However Simon suggests the two should go further and calls for a Congressional inquiry to examine possible censorship of "Islamic Terminology" within the US government by 1) Examining possible censorship of written documents 2) possible verbal censorship 3) censorship pressure sources within the government 4) Pressure from outside the government

PJTV Special Report, USG Censorship, Roger L. Simon, Sharia and Jihad ]

Apr 23, 2010 5min
Changing the Meaning of September 11, 2001

Issue of the Day

PJTV Daily Show, Allen Barton, Yaron Brook, Terry Jones ]

Sep 11, 2009 14min
Chaos in Copenhagen: Violence in the Street at the Climate Conference

PJTV Daily

Hippie retreads agitate outside, while the world's worst despots show up to chat. Get the latest report from Roger L. Simon in Copenhagen. http://pjtv.com/v/2863

PJTV Daily Show, Climategate, Roger L. Simon ]

Dec 17, 2009 3min
Chaos in Pakistan: Yaron Brook on Loose Nukes, the U.S. Strategy and Regional Ramifications

Sharia and Jihad

Reut Cohen, Sharia and Jihad, Yaron Brook ]

May 21, 2009 19min
Charles Lollar Talks Taking On Steny Hoyer With Dana Loesch at CPAC 2010

CPAC 2010

Maryland is a deep blue state. But in the heart of his own district, frustration and disappointment with Steny Hoyer is boiling over. Now Charles Lollar – executive, Marine, and father of four – is running to unseat Hoyer and restore responsibility to representative government. Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3148

Feb 25, 2010 6min
Chasing Unicorns: Can the Obama Administration Broker Peace with Israel and Palestine?

National Security Review

 Thursday marks the launch of face to face peace talks between Israel and Palestine, and the Obama administration is hopeful to broker an agreement within a year.  

Sep 2, 2010 9min
Chicagoland Logic: People Don't Kill People, Gun Laws Kill People


"Hey Chief, news flash: criminals disobey laws" -- Scott Ott

Jun 30, 2011 10min