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In this Corner, Congressman Bob Etheridge. In the Opposite Corner, a Pesky Kid With Questions


Congressional Democrats have always been feared for their tax and spend policies, but do we now have to worry fear for our personal safety?

Scott Ott puts that question to Steve Green and Bill Whittle. 

Watch today's Trifecta for their responses. Also, if you have a clever response to that question as well, make sure to share it in the comments section. If it's a good one, Scott Ott has something he'd like to give you. Tune in to find out here:

Jun 15, 2010 11min
In-Come Taxes; Out Goes Prosperity: The Case for Tax Reform


Income taxes are low, and easy to pay, at least they were close to a century ago. What does it say about our income tax system when the Treasury Secretary needs a computer program to help him pay taxes today, and the federal government cannot figure out how to collect taxes from the people it employs. Is it time to get rid of income taxes all together? 

Sep 16, 2010 11min
In-Salting Behavior! Trifecta Takes A Stand Against Liberal Food Fetish (Members Only)


"Mayor Mike, would you like some wine with that cheese?" -- Stephen Green

Jul 28, 2011 13min
Income Equality: Is It a Real Problem and If So Can the GOP Fix It? (Members Only)


"The poorest Americans are richer than 90 percent of the [world's] population" -- Bill Whittle

Dec 19, 2013 7min
Income Inequality Insanity: The 99% Are Growing Richer and Consuming More than Ever

Front Page with Allen Barton

"A lot of this stability in consumption has come from the growth of certain safety nets, like welfare" -- Allen Barton

Oct 26, 2012 12min
Income Inequality: Is the Government's War on Poverty to Blame?


"I think that the Democrats have an obligation to ask themselves, after 50 years of the war on poverty isn't it clear that government isn't a very good delivery system?" -- Newt Gingrich

Dec 18, 2013 9min
Independent's Daze: The President Loses the Center as ObamaCare Begins to Smell Like HillaryCare

PJTV Daily

PJTV Daily Show, Allen Barton, Yaron Brook, Terry Jones ]

Oct 2, 2009 12min
Independents Take Over in the Age of Obama

PJTV Daily

Manhattan Institute, John Avlon, Allen Barton ]

Jun 9, 2009 13min
Inflating the Truth? Fed Sees Unemployment as a Bigger Threat Than Inflation.

Front Page with Allen Barton

"I believe QE3 is coming" -- Agustino Fontevecchia


Nov 4, 2011 11min
Inglorious Master: Tarantino’s Nazi Killers Slay Our Critics


Spelling errors, scalps, and blood spatters galore, Inglourious Basterds – like it or not – is a grown-up reflection on violence and the soul, and great entertainment to boot. The film’s biggest failing? Goebbels’ limp isn’t bad enough. Watch the latest Poliwood, with Roger L. Simon and Lionel Chetwynd, and comment here:

Poliwood, Roger L. Simon, Lionel Chetwynd ]

Jan 25, 2010 10min