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'I Have Such Respect for God, That I Don't Believe In Him...' (Members Only)


A woman from an atheist organization says she has such respect for God so she can't believe in Him... Steve Green reminds us not to untwist that pretzel...

Jun 12, 2015 6min
'I Want to Cry'-- What Can be Done About Russia? (Members Only)


"The best way to stop a war is to give a dictator everything he wants!" --Bill Whittle, with a hint of sarcasm.

Apr 17, 2015 7min
'Putin' on a Show? Is Russia Declaring a New Cold War or Just Posturing? (Members Only)


"Putin...is laying out a bold moral vision" -- Scott Ott

Feb 14, 2014 5min
'Talented and Fearless' Ted Cruz: Will Sen. Cruz Be the Next President of the U.S.?


"He's funny. He's genuine...He doesn't come off with this Texas swagger" -- Bill Whittle

May 9, 2013 6min
'Tanks' Arnold! Schwarzenegger Raises Money For Charity By Crushing Things With His Tank


"Arnold's 'effing' tank!" -- Stephen Green

Mar 20, 2014 6min
100 Years Later and WWI Is Still Relevant


It's the 100th anniversary of World War I, and it is still relevant. Hear why on this wild card edition of Trifecta as Whittle, Ott and Green discuss the possibility of another World War. 

Aug 1, 2014 10min
11 Year Old Sings About One Night Stand (Members Only)


"Our society is past the point where this causes alarm" -- Scott Ott

Apr 20, 2013 6min
17: The Number of Minutes it Took Obama to Answer Whether or Not We're Taxed Too Much


 The question was simple: are we taxed too much. But like a day in the life of Jack Bauer, when the president opens his mouth, things tend to get complicated...not to mention long. Find out why and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3343


Scott Ott, Bill Whittle, Stephen Green Vodkapundit, Trifecta ]

Apr 6, 2010 10min
2012 Democratic Convention: Will Occupy Wall Street Riot Like It's 1968?


"How big a bus is President Obama going to need if he is throwing the 99% under it?" -- Stephen Green 

Dec 13, 2011 7min
2016: Will the Shorter RNC Primary Season Hurt the GOP? (Members Only)


“I think the Republican Party should insist…on a primary conducted with honor and dignity.” - Scott Ott

Jan 31, 2014 6min