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Another "Stark" Truth: The Federal Government Can Do Most Anything In This Country


Trifecta looks at the Pete Stark controversy, the Obama health care chart, the North Korean soccer team and other issues of the day.


Aug 5, 2010 15min
Another Pleasant Valley Sunday, Without Cars or Houses? Is California Banning Suburbia?


"Why does the general welfare never include my welfare?" -- Stephen Green


Apr 12, 2012 8min
Apple Pays Its Taxes, But That's Not Good Enough for 'The New York Times'


"Why would anybody pay a penny more in taxes than they have to?" -- Scott Ott


May 2, 2012 8min
Arab Spring, American Winter? Obama Taking Advice from Apologist for the Post-American World


"India and China are standing on our shoulders, and Fareed Zakaria is standing there too with his head up his hmph..." -- Steve Green 

May 18, 2011 10min
Rolling-stone-logo Are Lawsuits the Only Way to Keep Journalists Honest?


Are lawsuits becoming the only way to keep journalists honest? The rape case and Rolling Stone, the Indiana pizza place and ABC...

Apr 8, 2015 7min
Are Liberals Actually Admitting Islamic Terrorists Exist?!?


Can the LA Times actually admit that Islamic terrorists exist? Or will it fry their programming? Find out with these stories from Mosul, Iraq. | PJTV

Jan 29, 2015 7min
Are Liberals Big Fans of Sarah Palin Book Bans? Plus, Obama's Health Care Fib (Members Only)


"Banning a book is the act of a reactionary" -- Stephen Green 

Jul 13, 2011 11min
Are Nuclear Families the Key to Middle Class Success? (Members Only)


The President says he wants to implement 'Middle Class Economics.' But maybe the best way to do that would be to bring back family values...

Jan 31, 2015 10min
Are Radical Islamists Setting Our National Security Agenda?


Stay Tuned to PJTV for the full Interviews. Today Bill Whittle talks about interviewing a former FBI special agent in Washington, D.C. who asserts that the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist body, is directly tied to U.S. anti-terror policies. Watch & comment on Trifecta here: http://pjtv.com/v/2920

WATCH HERE Bill Whittle Investigates: The Islamic Infiltration:
Inside Our Government, Armed With Our Secrets 

Scott Ott, Stephen Green Vodkapundit, Trifecta, Bill Whittle ]

Jan 8, 2010 10min
Are Random Sobriety Checkpoints Constitutional? (Members Only)


“You have two cups of orange juice and it’s going to be enough to get to a D.U.I. at the rate we’re going.” -- Steve Green

Jul 12, 2013 6min