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Man Bites Dog! Obama Dogged by Revelation that He Ate Dog Meat


"That's the President in his own words. He ate a dog" -- Steve Green

Apr 24, 2012 7min
Man Up, Mr. President! Will Obama Ever Take Responsibility for His Policies?



"I'm sure there was a private moment at the White House where Eric Holder politely reminded the President, 'Mr. President, don't you remember when I told you about this on your approach to the seventeenth green?'" -- Scott Ott



Apr 20, 2011 10min
Mankind Went to the Moon and All I Got Was Facebook: What Happened to the Future We Were Promised?


"We don't take that iPhone 5 and explore the Amazon" -- Scott Ott


Dec 19, 2012 9min
March Madness and Stock Market Highs Are Here Again. Let's Party Like It's 1929!


"Beware the Ides of March" -- Scott Ott

Mar 11, 2013 3min
March Madness: Is There Too Much Money in Collegiate Sports? (Members Only)


“There is no such thing as amateur sports at the collegiate level.” - Scott Ott

Mar 21, 2014 5min
Marco Rubio, Republican Star, or Pod Person From Outer Space?


"Is [Marco Rubio] still the shining young Republican Senator from Florida, or has he been replaced by a hive mind plant creature from outer space?" -- Stephen Green

Apr 30, 2013 8min
Margaret Thatcher's Name and Legacy Will Echo for Centuries


"Maggie famously said that the problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money" -- Bill Whittle

Apr 9, 2013 6min
Marking the 13th of 9/11: When Terror Strikes Out of a Clear Blue Sky


Join Bill, Steve & Scott remembering the pre-9/11 world, and the rippling impact of the attacks. If Lenin was right about terrorism’s purpose, did it work?

Sep 9, 2014 9min
Martian Outreach: NASA Eschews Muslim Outreach and Shoots for Mars. Plus, More Golf for Obama

PJ News Break

"The White House congratulated NASA for helping to fulfill its primary mission of Muslim outreach" -- Scott Ott

Aug 6, 2012 2min
Massacre in Afghanistan: Is It Time to Bring the Troops Home?


"This becomes the brand of the United States military" -- Scott Ott

Mar 13, 2012 8min