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Is Science Settled??? (Members Only)


Isn't science the study of skepticism? Then why are there so many politicians and scientists who claim that the 'science is settled' on global warming???

May 15, 2015 9min
Is the Death Penalty Dead?

Next Generation

"Larry Flynt said he'd love to get in a room with that guy, with a pair of wire cutters." - Scott Ott

Nov 23, 2013 14min
Is the Hillary Email Scandal Distracting Us from Iran?


The Hillary Clinton email scandal sure is a good target for right-wingers, but is it a ploy to take our attention off of what Obama's doing in the Iranian negotiations?

Mar 12, 2015 6min
Bill-DeBlasio Is the Radical Left Trying to Hijack the Democratic Party?

The Rundown

How the Progressive Left Hijacked the Democratic Party

May 14, 2015 10min
Is There a Doctor in the USA?!? You Will Have ObamaCare, But Will You Have a Physician?


"If government caused the problem, shouldn't government fix it?" -- Scott Ott

Aug 1, 2012 9min
Is There Hope for Liberty, in the Face of Liberal Control of Culture? (Members Only)


Can the long march of socialism be marched back? What’s the secret to turn the tide toward liberty despite Leftist control of media and the public schools?

Oct 10, 2014 7min
Isaac Delays GOP Convention, and Hit Movie Slams Obama

PJ News Break

"A new CNN poll says people think President Obama cares more about them, but that Mitt Romney is a better manager" -- Scott Ott

Aug 27, 2012 5min
ISIS Crisis: How Should America Respond to the New Scary Middle East Realities? (Members Only)


"It is our obligation as the arsenal of democracy" -- Bill Whittle

Jul 3, 2014 9min
ISIS Crisis: Russia and Iran Filling Iraq Power Vacuum


"Valerie Jarrett...was born there [Iran]" -- Stephen Green

Jul 2, 2014 5min
ISIS Skit on Saturday Night Live...Did It Go Too Far?

The Rundown

Saturday Night Live on NBC took on ISIS in a parody of a Toyota commercial. Boris Nemtsov’s death is considered murder, with his criticism of Putin as a suggested motive, and Hillary Clinton investigated for using personal email.

Mar 4, 2015 15min