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Lame Duck Gone Wild: Is It Just a Kook Theory If He Just Might Do It? (Members Only)


Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean Obama is done dismantling the Constitution. How bad could it get? The Trifecta men speculate, and you can too.

Dec 4, 2014 5min
Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal. Plus, the Shovel-Ready Victims of China's Stimulus

PJ News Break

"70 percent of Barack Obama's 18.8 million Twitter followers are fake" -- Scott Ott

Aug 24, 2012 3min
Land of the Crazed: Why Are Maniacs Like Elliot Rodgers Allowed to Roam Free?


"Every single sign was there.  Everything that could legally be done to protect society from this monster, was done.  And yet he woke up Friday morning a free man, killed his three roommates with a machete and a hammer, and then set himself loose upon the people" -- Stephen Green

May 27, 2014 8min
Land of the Lawless: Lindsay Lohan and Occupy Wall Street Are Breaking the Law and Loving It


"The corrosive destructive agent at work here is selective lawlessness" -- Bill Whittle


Nov 9, 2011 7min
Last Laugh Before Fiscal Cliff: GOP Laughs At Obama's Call for Higher Taxes & Spending

PJ News Break

"A spokesman for the authors of the Sharia inspired charter saluted U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who ... told Egyptian TV that modern constitution writers should not look to the US Constitution" -- Scott Ott
Nov 30, 2012 3min
Latest Benghazi Excuse: Obama Administration Did Not Know that Libya Was Dangerous

PJ News Break

"The Stones...played a rollicking 75 minute set, interrupted only briefly when paramedics stormed the stage in response to Mick Jagger shouting 'Start me up.'" -- Scott Ott


Oct 26, 2012 3min
Laughing Off Terror? Why Did the President Choose Leno to Address the Embassy Terror Threat?

Next Generation

“The current Al Qaeda is on the run to get the best daiquiri.” - Tammy Bruce

Aug 8, 2013 15min
Law & Order In Hard Times: Is it a Crime to be a Law Abiding Citizen in America?


"Let me tell you that owning an AR-15 is one of the most amazing experiences of my life" -- Bill Whittle 

Jun 1, 2011 11min
Leaving Al Gore

Klavan on Culture

 Love a good sequel? Then get ready for An Inconvenient Truth 2: This Time It's Personal. Andrew Klavan has the inside story on the Gore's break up. Klavan's sources are as impeccable as the scientific basis of global warming. Watch & comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3767

Jun 24, 2010 4min
Left and Right Unite to Oppose President: Obama Gets Thrown Unger the Bus By Former Adviser


"It's a symbol of a very big, very broad problem Barack Obama has" -- Bill Whittle

Jun 20, 2012 8min