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Karl Rove Sacrifices Christine O'Donnell at Altar of the D.C. Establishment


The Trifecta gang asks why insiders like Rove are trashing candidates from their own party.

Sep 24, 2010 10min
Keep Cool With Coolidge, Not Obama: Obama Reveals His True Hatred of Business


"Get a real job, freeloader" -- Bill Whittle

Jul 17, 2012 10min
Keep Your Laws Off My Schooling: Trifecta Embraces the Pro-Choice Education Agenda


"If parents are able to have a choice and pick a winning school instead of a loser, then absolutely they should get support from their district or state." -- Steve Green


Mar 17, 2011 10min
Keeping Dems Honest: CNN's Anderson Cooper Puts Truth First and Challenges DNC Abortion Lies


"Thank you Anderson Cooper...for showing that truth matters" -- Scott Ott

Aug 29, 2012 8min
Kentucky Primary Shocker: "Uncommitted" Beats Obama in Over Half of Kentucky Counties

PJ News Break

"Uncommitted actually won in 67 counties, with Obama taking just 52 counties" -- Scott Ott

May 23, 2012 3min
Keystone Energy Cops: Obama's Pipeline Logic Proves He Is Evil and Stupid (Members Only)


"Barack Obama, evil or stupid? And the answer is yes" -- Bill Whittle

Aug 3, 2013 5min
Kick Ass: Obama Wants a Fight


It's a very special, ass-kicking episode of Trifecta. Think you can handle it?  If you've got delicate sensibilities, move along, there's nothing to see here.

But if you've got the stuff, then buckle up because it's about to get, well, just watch.
On today's Trifecta, the Trinity of Truth--Whittle, Ott and Green--take on Obama's newest persona: The Ass-Kicker in Chief.

Watch the episode and then share your thoughts in the comments section because the best comment will win a prize. What prize? You have to watch.

Jun 17, 2010 12min
Kick in the Coin: Liberals Propose Platinum Coin Gimmick to Avoid Debt Ceiling


"Tim Geithner, America's very own Secretary of the Treasury, has the legal power to mint any coin of any size" -- Stephen Green

Jan 8, 2013 6min
Kim Jong Un's Cutest, Sparkly, Rainbow Filled Death Threat Ever


"Kim Jong Un is a third generation crazy leader of the most insane regime on the planet earth" -- Bill Whittle

Mar 14, 2013 8min
King of Hate: Alec Baldwin's Toxic Homophobic Rant


"Folks, this isn't the first time Alec Baldwin has shown us his dark side. He's spewed toxic hate at all kinds of targets, including his own young daughter" -- Stephen Green

Jul 2, 2013 5min