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Rick Perry: Lone Star Rising? Plus, Blatant Racism in Florida Race? (Members Only)

PJTV Special

Bryan Preston and Danika Quinn give you a Members Only election update. 

Oct 30, 2010 8min
RICHARD LINDZEN: Examining the Role of Humans in Global Warming (Members Only)

International Climate Change Conference 2010

MEMBERS ONLY: One the world's most revered climate scientists, MIT professor of atmospheric sciences Richard Lindzen has been one of the most rigorous critics of anthropogenic global warming theory.  In this detailed interview with Roger L. Simon at the 4th International Conference on Climate Change, he explains the use of satellites in measuring climate and why we are far from concluding the extent that warming is man made. MEMBERS WATCH & COMMENT HERE: http://pjtv.com/v/3686

Jun 13, 2010 21min
Resistance to Antibiotics: The Worst Natural Disaster? (Members Only)

Hot Seat with Bill Whittle

In this edition of Hot Seat, Bill Whittle is asked about Civil War history, and he is asked what natural disaster is the worst.

Sep 4, 2014 16min
Remake: What Obama Should Have Said About the North Korean Sony Attack (Members Only)


If you could re-write President Obama’s response to the North Korean Sony hack attack and violent threats, would it sound something like Bill Whittle’s?

Dec 26, 2014 6min
Regulatory Binge: GOP Proposal to Stop Food Stamp Spending on Junk Food (Members Only)


"That's why I don't eat kale...It's just the price" -- Scott Ott

Sep 21, 2013 5min
Reckless? Army to Cut 100,000 Soldiers Under Current Budget Plan (Members Only)


"The federal behemoth is going to get 'behemoth-er'" -- Stephen Green

Jan 27, 2014 5min
Recess in Washington: Time for This Congress to Go on a Permanent Vacation? (Members Only)


"Resign" -- Steven Green

Aug 17, 2013 2min
Real Champions: Bolt and Pistorius Show True Character at London Olympics (Members Only)


"We love the games because they bring out the best in human character" -- Scott Ott

Aug 10, 2012 5min
Reading the Tea Leaves: The Future of the Tea Party (Members Only)

PJTV Special

"We've never seen the press as complicit in covering for a president ever and I still feel that is largely responsible for what happened last night." -- Stephen Kruiser

Nov 8, 2012 27min
Razzies 2014: Honoring the Worst in Hollywood (Members Only)


“They (Hollywood) live in such a bubble that they don’t even know when something they’ve done is awful.” - Tammy Bruce

Mar 7, 2014 4min