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Slouching Toward Liberty: Decaying Principles Need Distorted Processes (Members Only)


Leftists subvert traditional values via extra-Constitutional processes. Republicans let them. Could restoring one Constitutional guarantee turn the tide?

Nov 21, 2014 10min
SkyNet Here We Come?!? (Members Only)

Hot Seat with Bill Whittle

With The Air Force sending out more and more drones, and NASA using unmanned rocket-ships, are we getting dangerously close to Terminator's SkyNet?

May 14, 2015 14min
Skin Tax? The Most Ridiculous New Laws of 2013 (Members Only)


"Let's let people get treated like a piece of meat, tax it, and then we'll turn around and write brochures about how women shouldn't be treated like a piece of meat" - Scott Ott 

Jan 5, 2013 5min
SITREP EXTRA: Obama's Line in the Sand -- Israel and the 1967 Borders (Members Only)

National Security Review

"The Palestinians would like to pretend that they did not give up one of their best chances for peace in 2001, but the fact remains that's exactly what they did." - Jonathan Schanzer 

May 24, 2011 7min
Sip This! When Sadist Trolls Attack, Men of Trifecta Strike Back (Members Only)


New “Psychology Today” report says internet trolls tend toward sadism. When it happens to Whittle, Ott and Green they react with peace, love and snarkasm. 

Oct 4, 2014 5min
Since Kim Davis Went to Jail, Shouldn't Mayors of Sanctuary Cities Also Be Arrested? (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

Kim Davis went to jail for not following a Federal mandate to provide same-sex marriages... So shouldn't Sanctuary City mayors also go to jail for disobeying Federal Law?

Oct 5, 2015 5min
Shutdown Showdown: The Looming ObamaCare Budget Crisis (Members Only)


"They [Republicans] should insist that Congress actually pass a budget" -- Scott Ott

Aug 30, 2013 5min
Show Trial Or Racial Injustice? What Do PJTV Members Think of the Zimmerman Trial? (Members Only)


“I’ve never, ever in American justice seen anything like it.” - Bill Whittle

Jul 19, 2013 5min
scott-walker-college Shouldn't Presidential Candidates Have College Degrees? (Members Only)


Scott Walker never graduated from college... Should that be a factor in deciding who runs for President? Check out the Trifecta Stalwarts' answer.

Jul 17, 2015 11min
fbi-symbol Should We Trust the FBI? (Members Only)

Hot Seat with Bill Whittle

The FBI will decide soon whether or not to push for indictment for Hillary Clinton, so the question for Bill is-- should we trust the FBI to do their job?

Feb 12, 2016 12min