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No Trump and No Huck. Plus, the Passe Fourth Amendment and Futile Debt Ceiling (Members Only)


"The person who is going to beat Barack Obama, if anybody beats Barack Obama, is going to be somebody with a little bit of fire in their belly. Somebody who is willing to go after this guy.  Go after his background. Go after his decisions. Go after his associates. Go after all the things John McCain said were beneath him." - Bill Whittle

May 16, 2011 12min
No Mr. President, GMAIL Does Not Stand for Government Mail (Members Only)


"He's a museum grade idiot" -- Bill Whittle


Apr 20, 2012 4min
No Boots on Ground in Syria, but 3,000 Soldiers Sent to Help Ebola Crisis (Members Only)

Hot Seat with Bill Whittle

Bill answers your questions, and this week he's asked whether sending 3,000 soldiers to help in the ebola crisis is worthwhile. See what he says.

Sep 26, 2014 12min
Nightmares From His Father: Is Obama Programmed to Distrust America? (Members Only)


Does Obama think that America is a colonial power that has been plundering the rest of the world? Did Obama's upbringing give him a distorted view of the United States and constitutional values?

Sep 15, 2010 10min
Newt's Major Mitt Fit: Gingrich Calls Romney a Liar (Members Only)


"Is Gingrich whacked?" -- Scott Ott


Jan 4, 2012 5min
New York Mayor Wants to Fight Crime, Just Not in His Hometown (Members Only)


You know what Rudy talked about when he was mayor? He talked about New York. -- Steve Green 

Feb 2, 2011 6min
New Year's Resolutions, Trifecta Style (Members Only)


"I am actually going to go to the gym" -- Bill Whittle

Jan 1, 2014 3min
New Polls Skew Dem: Is Polling a Liberal form of Voter Suppression? (Members Only)


"They are also playing up polls of registered voters" -- Scott Ott

Sep 28, 2012 4min
Nation of Deadbeats (Members Only)


"They are all in on this together" -- Tammy Bruce

Jan 18, 2013 4min
NASA's Voyager 1 Enters Interstellar Space, But What's It Missing? (Members Only)


“I’m just kind of glad it went when it did - before Lady Gaga came along.” - Scott Ott

Sep 27, 2013 3min