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Bernanke's Easy Money & Obama's Jobs Summit Numbers Game

Front Page with Allen Barton

Allen Barton interviews Yaron Brook (AynRandCenter.org) and Terry Jones (Investors.com) about the new employment numbers, President Obama's jobs summit, and Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke's resistance to attempts to audit the Fed in the wake of its "free money" policy. ("Front Page") Watch/comment: http://www.pjtv.com.

Front Page with Allen Barton, Allen Barton, Yaron Brook, Terry Jones ]

Dec 4, 2009 11min
Being Objective about Objectivism: Can the Lessons of Ayn Rand End Big Government?

Front Page with Allen Barton

"Rolling Stone...takes a swipe at Ayn Rand...saying that her work is something teenagers read when they are 'feeling misunderstood'" -- Allen Barton

Oct 27, 2012 13min
Baywatch Boondoggle: Life's a Beach in California Where Some Lifeguards Make $200,000 a Year

Front Page with Allen Barton

"In LA County, Fifty-five lifeguards make over $100,000 a year" -- Brian Calle

May 13, 2011 12min
Bain on Trial: GOP Hopefuls Wrongly Attack Romney's Private Sector Acumen

Front Page with Allen Barton

"Losses are what stop bad investments" -- Don Watkins


Jan 12, 2012 8min
Ayn Rand at 105: Great Thinker or Cultish Queen?

Front Page with Allen Barton

February 2nd marked the birthday of Ayn Rand. Although she died in 1982, she remains a towering figure in the cultural landscape. Find out why Randian philosophy is having a renaissance. Watch and comment:  http://pjtv.com/v/3061

Front Page with Allen Barton, Alex Epstein, Allen Barton, Terry Jones ]

Feb 6, 2010 10min
Avast Ye Carbon Dogs! Obama's Great Green Naval Fleet Sets Sail

Front Page with Allen Barton

"From green ships to General Motors, the government leviathan continues to inhale taxpayer money" -- Allen Barton

Jul 9, 2012 7min
Audit the Fed: Ron Paul's Fed Bill Passes the House with Overwhelming Support

Front Page with Allen Barton

"Bernanke's right...The degree of a central bank's independence from the political process largely determines its sucess" -- Terry Jones

Jul 30, 2012 9min
Au Revoir Euro-Zone? Debt, Brawls and Bailouts Plague Europe

Front Page with Allen Barton

"Debt, bailouts, and brawls in parliament -- is it time to say arrivederci to the Euro-Zone?" --  Allen Barton

Oct 28, 2011 7min
Assassination in Afghanistan: What Does the Karzai Killing Mean for Stability in the Region?

Front Page with Allen Barton

"Basically we have created a monster. I have information that suggests that Ahmed Walid Karzai was involved in criminal enterprises while he was still in Chicago." -- Ann Marlowe 

Jul 16, 2011 10min
Are We Powerless to Stop the Power America Act?

Front Page with Allen Barton

The Kerry-Lieberman Power America Act is a bill that is bringing both conservatives and liberals together on one thing: it sucks. Will this powerless bill pass? Find out what our Friday regulars, Yaron Brook, Alex Bratty, Terry Jones, and special guest Bill Whittle think about the energy bill.

Watch and comment: http://pjtv.com/v/3565

Alex Bratty, Bill Whittle, Yaron Brook, Terry Jones ]

May 14, 2010 15min