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Hurting Heroes on Hold: Is Obama Responsible for VA Health Care Scandal?


"Many military veterans wait for months to get health care from the Veterans Administration, and now we learn that at least 40 died waiting for appointments in Phoenix alone" -- Scott Ott

May 20, 2014 6min
Hurricane Sandy: Proof that Big Government Is Failing America

Front Page with Allen Barton

"If you look at President Obama's Own Fiscal Budget for 2013, he wants to cut from FEMA" -- Allen Barton

Nov 2, 2012 10min
Hurricane Sandy: President Obama Is Safe, Are You?

PJ News Break

"The storm picks up moisture from the Atlantic Ocean which has far too much, and redistributes it over several eastern states that have less than their fair share" -- Scott Ott

Oct 29, 2012 3min
Hurling Epithets In Glass Houses? It Must Be The Angry Left

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

There’s no proof that it actually happened, but if there was a guy at D.C.’s tea party rally who spit a wad of saliva and a racial epithet at a black Congressman, the left had better check its own fringe before it tries to wreck the right’s reputation. Watch the latest ZoNation and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3301

Mar 29, 2010 4min
Huntsman: Serious Contender or RINO?

PJTV Report

"On paper Mitt Romney looks great, but in practice he is awkward." -- Alexis Garcia

Jun 17, 2011 7min
Hungry This Thanksgiving? Eat a Turkey, Not Your Dog

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

"May you be blessed with good food...even if you're a vegetarian" -- AlfonZo Rachel


Nov 24, 2011 5min
Humanity Alive and Well at Southwest Airlines


After Mark Dickinson learned that his grandson was on life support, he tried to race home, only to face a long wait and callous security officials. Hear what a Southwest pilot did to help this grieving man.  

Jan 20, 2011 10min
Huma Stands by her Weiner, GOP Hope for 2014 Senate, and a Brewing Scandal for Baseball

Next Generation

"Here's Huma, reprising her role on season two of 'The Good Wife.'" -Tammy Bruce

Jul 24, 2013 24min
Huh?!? Progressive Professor Says Left is Too Rational, Right Too Emotional


"'Progressives want to follow the polls...Conservatives don't follow the polls, they want to change them.'" -- George Lackoff

Feb 6, 2014 10min
Hugh’s First Time Fly Fishing & Don’t Count ObamaCare Out Until It’s Truly Dead

Hugh News

Hugh Hewitt, Hugh News ]

Aug 17, 2009 5min