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Open Mic Treason Night? Obama's Secret Message to Russia


"The missile defense system they're talking about protects our allies in Europe" -- Scott Ott

Mar 27, 2012 7min
Oops, 'Newsweek' Did It Again: Muslim Rage and the Last Gasp of Liberal Media


"It's pretty clear Newsweek is looking to take a new direction.  Maybe not fair, maybe not balanced -- but certainly better" -- Stephen Green

Sep 19, 2012 7min
On the Rocks: Ranch Debacle Places Perry Campaign Between a Rock and a Hard Place


"The mainstream media ignores the story of our President's involvement with real racists, while literally digging under rocks in West Texas for any dirt, no matter how contrived, to throw at a GOP contender" -- Stephen Green 

Oct 4, 2011 7min
Oil Spill Insanity: The Prosecution Solution & Plugging the Damn Hole with Government Lawyers


In the quest to find somebody to blame for the oil spill disaster, has there been a rush to judgment to punish BP? The Trifecta gang weighs in on governmental versus corporate responsibility.

Watch and comment: http://pjtv.com/v/3680

Jun 3, 2010 10min
Oh So Sweet: NY Judge Declares Bloomberg's Sugary Soda Ban Illegal


"New York Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling said Bloomberg's soda ban was "fraught with arbitrary and capricious consequences" as part of a 36 page opinion"  -- Stephen Green

Mar 12, 2013 7min
Oh Baby! What the Jay-Z, Beyoncé Baby Controversy Tells Us About Celebrities (Members Only)


"Celebrities are better than we are" -- Stephen Green


Jan 11, 2012 4min
October Surprise: Obama & Biden Focus Like a Laser Beam on Big Bird. Plus, Fake Airbags Hit Airwaves

PJ News Break

"Sesame Street's producer demanded the president's campaign stop using Big Bird's image in a sarcastic attack ad against Romney" -- Scott Ott

Oct 10, 2012 3min
October Surprise Party! What Does Gloria Allred Have on Mitt Romney? (Members Only)


"Gloria Allred is the Saturday Night Live skit before Saturday Night Live does the skit" -- Stephen Green  

Oct 26, 2012 4min
Occupy Wall Street: Neo-Hippies or Tea Party with Bongos?


"The President is explicitly positioning himself alongside the protestors, so he can run against the GOP as the party of Wall Street." -- Stephen Green 

Oct 18, 2011 6min
Occupy Wall Street's Agenda: Hurt a Horse and Poop on a Cop Car?


"I think I saw an Occupy Wall Street protester leaning against a police car with his pants down who knew about the number two as well" -- Scott Ott


Oct 20, 2011 7min