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North Korea Abandons Nuclear Program; Obama Too?

PJ News Break

"What do you mean, Olympia Snowe is a Republican?" -- Scott Ott

Feb 29, 2012 3min
Nobel First: Obama Has More Predator Drone Kills Than Any Other Peace Prize Winner

PJ News Break

"The president may order the nation's flags flown at half-staff, to mourn the poverty of millions of Americans who still struggle to afford their monthly unlimited data plans" -- Scott Ott


Oct 22, 2012 3min
No Trump and No Huck. Plus, the Passe Fourth Amendment and Futile Debt Ceiling (Members Only)


"The person who is going to beat Barack Obama, if anybody beats Barack Obama, is going to be somebody with a little bit of fire in their belly. Somebody who is willing to go after this guy.  Go after his background. Go after his decisions. Go after his associates. Go after all the things John McCain said were beneath him." - Bill Whittle

May 16, 2011 12min
No Plan November? The GOP's Nonexistent Roadmap


Republicans seem content to watch Obama and the Democratic Party implode, but is that a viable November strategy?

Aug 24, 2010 8min
No Mr. President, GMAIL Does Not Stand for Government Mail (Members Only)


"He's a museum grade idiot" -- Bill Whittle


Apr 20, 2012 4min
No Joke: Did You Hear the One about the One-Legged Wrestler? Anthony Robles Best in NCAA


"What's remarkable about this fellow is he shows us this is never about your physical capabilities ... It's about your will and your character." -- Bill Whittle

Mar 24, 2011 10min
No Habla Public Sector Services: The Privatization of Maywood, California


Mayor Ana Rosa Rizo says Maywood, CA cannot operate at normal staff, and is outsourcing all public services.  Is the Maywood privatization about to set a trend for municipal services across the country?  Has this sanctuary city gone too far, or not far enough?

Jul 22, 2010 12min
No Grope In Hope: One Pilot Fights the TSA's Naked Scanning & Full-Body Searches

PJTV Special

Pilot Michael Roberts refused to submit to a TSA porno scan. He opted out and found himself subject to a secondary search, which included an extremely invasive groping. Are cavity searches next? Find out as Scott Ott interviews Michael Roberts. 

Nov 10, 2010 10min
No Dice for Rice: Susan Rice Will Not Be Secretary of State

PJ News Break

"Senator John McCain said Rice's decision clears the way for the president to appoint a person of integrity...On the other hand, McCain said, Obama could simply pick Senator John Kerry" -- Scott Ott

Dec 14, 2012 3min
No Clue: Obama Says He Knew Nothing about His Investigation into the Petraeus Sex Scandal

PJ News Break

"The President is not to blame because he has no idea what's going on at the highest levels of his government" -- Scott Ott

Nov 14, 2012 3min