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Frank Gaffney: Jihadists are Being Recruited Right Here in America

PJTV Special

"The problem is not entirely foreign Jihadists doing the recruitment.  It is also people are in this country recruiting under the auspices of Sharia adherent mosques, Islamic centers, Islamic societies and Muslim Brotherhood front organizations operating coast to coast." -- Frank Gaffney 

Mar 10, 2011 5min
Gaffney on the Gulf: What Has the Oil Spill Taught Us About Obama's Leadership & Competence?

PJTV Special

 The Center for Security Policy's Frank Gaffney joins Bill Whittle & Joe Hicks to discuss how the oil spill has exposed the Obama administration as serving the interests of unions and cronies over the Americans who live and work in the Gulf. Watch & comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3780

Jun 23, 2010 10min
Globetrotting with Gaffney: Is Obama Making America Less Safe? (Members Only)

PJTV Special

In an exclusive Members Only interview, the Center for Security Policies Frank Gaffney joins Bill Whittle and Joe Hicks to look at global hotspots and the Obama Administration's foreign policy. With friends like America, who needs enemies? 

Jun 24, 2010 14min
Frank Gaffney: Suhail Khan Won't Acknowledge Family Involvement in Muslim Brotherhood (Members Only)

CPAC 2011

"Suhail Khan refuses to acknowledge that his parents were involved in starting Muslim Brotherhood organizations." -- Frank Gaffney 

Feb 12, 2011 10min
Frank Gaffney: The Moral Structure of Atomic Weapons

National Security Review

Bill Whittle, Frank Gaffney, National Security Review ]

May 25, 2009 9min