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Electoral College Drop Outs Threaten the Republic

Front Page with Allen Barton

Is the Electoral College a threat to democracy, or a constitutional protection that holds our republic together?

Aug 3, 2010 9min
Licensed to Death: How the Government Prevents You from Earning an Honest Living

Front Page with Allen Barton

"It's all about keeping out competition. These lobbying groups have one purpose and one purposes only, and that is to create a cartel in the occupation they are a part of" -- Clark Neily 

May 2, 2011 10min
The Not OK Corral: Arizona Clashes with Federal Government Over SB 1070

Front Page with Allen Barton


Arizona's immigration law gets the Front Page treatment.  Allen Barton, Terry Jones and Tom Bowden tackle the controversial new law which went into effect (well, partially) today, Thursday.

The gang take on Federal Judge Bolton's ruling, pop star Shakira, border security, the federal government's obligation to protect our border states, as well as the rights of foreign visitors to interact freely.  

Much ground is covered so be sure to watch the entire segment.


Jul 30, 2010 13min
Kagan's Cakewalk

Front Page with Allen Barton

Even though Elena Kagan has never been a judge, Obama has elevated her to the top court. Does she have the training and temperament to be Supreme Court Justice?

Aug 2, 2010 10min
Fed Transparency? Bernanke Meets the Press and Downplays Inflation as Gas and Food Prices Rise

Front Page with Allen Barton

At the end of the day it's all talk because ... Bernanke is just trying to provide some transparency to everybody, but he's going to keep on doing what he thinks is right ... " -- Agustino Fontevecchia 

May 2, 2011 10min