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What the Media's Not Talking About When It Talks About Benghazi

Faster, Please!

“Nobody really much wants to talk about this.” – Dr. Ledeen 

Oct 30, 2012 8min
New York Times Nonsense: Why Its Weekend Story on One on One Talks with Iran Was Wrong

Faster, Please!

  Oct 24, 2012 6min
Execution Interrupted: Why the Iranian Regime Should Be Worried, Very Worried

Faster, Please!

"This is one of those violent scenes that I think might be good to show your children." -- Dr. Michael Ledeen

Aug 22, 2012 5min
How and When Will Israel Strike Iran?

Faster, Please!

"There are so many leaks, so many stories, that it's impossible to tell what's true and what's not." - Dr. Michael Ledeen

Aug 20, 2012 9min
The Bulgarian Bombing: Will Iran and Hezbollah Strike in the United States Next?

Faster, Please!

"He was carrying a US passport and a Michigan driver license" -- Chet Nagle

Jul 24, 2012 10min
Bombing in Damascus: Who Wins, Who Loses, if Assad Regime Falls?

Faster, Please!

"As you listen to all kinds of famous people on TV, or read them in the newspapers, whoever they are, nobody knows what's going to happen." - Dr. Michael Ledeen

Jul 20, 2012 9min
Iranian Time Bomb: Has Obama Alienated US Allies and Embraced US Enemies?

Faster, Please!

"We have undertaken a covert cyber war against [Iran]" -- Jed Babbin

Jun 26, 2012 9min
Iranian Time Bomb: Ahmadinejad Is Vulnerable

Faster, Please!

"They are worried about a mass uprising" -- Ahmadinejad

Apr 24, 2012 9min
Iranian Time Bomb: Does the Arab Spring Mean Winter for Hamas & Hezbollah?

Faster, Please!

"I keep reading that Hamas and Hezbollah has fallen on tough times" -- Dr. Michael Ledeen


Apr 17, 2012 9min
Iranian Time Bomb: Fireworks in Tehran, Explosions in Isfahan. Is Iran Ready to Revolt?

PJTV Special

"Fun of course is banned in the Islamic Republic of Iran" -- Dr. Ledeen


Mar 15, 2012 8min