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Garcia & Loesch: Why Can't Liberals Understand the Ryan Budget or Simple Economics?

The Conversation with Tony Katz

"The government doesn't create wealth...everybody knows that wealth is created in one place and that is an unencumbered private sector." -- Dana Loesch 

Apr 23, 2011 7min
Dana Loesch: Conservative Women "Have More Balls Than Liberal Men"

CPAC 2011

"Every single clip that I have seen of Chris Matthews...has been him calling some woman a balloon head, or saying that she looked like a zombie...they can't argue policy...conservative women are scary because...they are a bunch of sexist chauvinistic pigs. They don't like women" -- Dana Loesch

Feb 12, 2011 10min
Dana Loesch: The Tea Party Won't Rest Until Constitutional Conservatives Takeover Government

Tea Party TV

Dana Loesch brings down the house at the Tea Party Patriots' Policy Summit. The Tea Party may only be a couple years old, but Loesch reminds you why the GOP better not take it for granted. 
Feb 28, 2011 6min
Smart Girl Summit: Dana Loesch on Debt Limit and Tea Party Hobbits?

PJTV Special

"I'm so proud to be a short little person with big giant feet, but tons of virtue" -- Dana Loesch

Aug 1, 2011 2min