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Climate of Fear: The EPA Reports You Might Be the Ultimate Doomsday Machine

PJTV Daily




A powerful duo in defense of liberty, Bill Whittle and the Wall Street Journal's Stephen Moore on Climategate, and the EPA's newest report that declares the air you exhale is poison. Is this yet another bogus claim from doomsday crybabies? Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/2806

Dec 8, 2009 15min
GenTheft: The PJTV Hearing Congress Is Afraid Of

PJTV Daily

Joe Hicks, Generational Theft, John Avlon, Bill Whittle, Katharine Mangu-Ward, Stephen Moore ]

May 7, 2009 2min
PJTV HEARING: Generational Theft ... Government Spending & The Price We'll Pay for Generations

PJTV Special

John Avlon, Katharine Mangu-Ward, Stephen Moore, Heritage Foundation, Manhattan Institute, Alison Frasier, Best of PJTV This Week, Heritage Foundation, Think Tanks ]

May 6, 2009 47min