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Scott Ott on the Penny Plan: A Solution to Washington's Budget Mess? Plus, Tea Party Savings

PJTV Report

"It's a ten page bill. All it does is cut 1% per year for the next six years, and in the seventh year it caps spending." - Scott Ott

Aug 11, 2011 5min
Wisconsin Win: Republicans Hold Onto the State Senate; Will Public Sector Unions Accept Reality?

PJTV Report

"Walker did things that he said would benefit them and the state, and the unions opposed him for political reasons. They resisted reform and have been proven wrong." - Bryan Preston

Aug 10, 2011 6min
Media's Left Turn: It's Not What the Media Reports, It's What It Doesn't Report

PJTV Special

"Journalists, with their own personal views, just tend to be left." -- Tim Groseclose

Aug 5, 2011 8min
Barack Obama, American Nero? Plus, Happy Fundraising Birthday, Mr. President.

PJTV Report

 "Obama knows nothing about setting the right tone. Zero." - Tony Katz

Aug 4, 2011 6min
Packing the Congressional Super-Committee: Can Pelosi Take Entitlements Off the Table?

PJTV Report

"We know that no so-called 'Blue Dog' will do anything the Democrat leadership won’t allow them to do." - Bryan Preston

Aug 3, 2011 6min
The Great Government-Bailout Game: Great for the Elite, Not So Great for the Average Joe

The Bottom Line with James Poulos

"It's not that the banks privatize profit and socialize losses out of simple greed. The global elite must be paid, and sheltered from the consequences of its behavior." - James Poulos

Jul 26, 2011 6min
Boehner Calls Obama's Debt-Limit Bluff; Is He Out of the Game?

PJTV Report

"Obama is trying to dodge responsibility, and the Republicans are staying together and doing a pretty good job of not letting him do that." - Bryan Preston

Jul 25, 2011 6min
Uphill Fight? Thad McCotter and John Bolton's 2012 Chances. Plus Obama's War on Canada

PJTV Report

"McCotter needs to get to the point where his name recognition doesn't have to be measured with an electron microscope." - Bryan Preston

Jul 19, 2011 3min
The Secret of Herman Cain's Success. Hint: It's Not Money. Plus, Judge Napolitano on Fast & Furious

PJTV Report

"It's not just about money." - Herman Cain

Jul 18, 2011 3min
Obama Campaign Cash Flow: Grass Roots or Astroturf? Plus, Would Jesus Raise Taxes?

PJTV Report

"When Republicans have a nominee, things are going to change. There's a lot of money waiting on the sidelines." -- Bryan Preston

Jul 14, 2011 6min