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Breitbart: Elliot Spitzer Should Go to a Tea Party and Sarah Palin Should Run for President

PJTV Special

"I like Sarah Palin a lot. I want to see trial by fire." -- Andrew Breitbart 

Apr 25, 2011 4min
In the Hunt? Jon Huntsman on Health Care, the Economy... and REO Speedwagon

PJTV Special

 "We can get out of this hole...but first we need an environment that speaks to growth." -- Jon Huntsman

Jun 16, 2011 4min
Not So Fast, MSM: The Repeal of ObamaCare May Not Be Dead on Arrival in the Senate

PJTV Special

 Alexis Garcia reports from Washington DC and finds out why the Washington Examiner's Horace Cooper believes there's a chance that the legislation could pass the Senate. 

Jan 19, 2011 6min
Andrea Tantaros: Obama Administration "Naive" When It Comes to Egypt

CPAC 2011

"It was pig headed and really naive to actually have an Administration call for Mubarak to step down immediately." -- Andrea Tantaros

Feb 10, 2011 10min
Anita Perry: Gov. Rick Perry Is a Fighter, And We Believe in America

PJTV Special

"If Texas were a stand-alone economy it would be 13th largest economy in the world" -- Anita Perry 

Nov 21, 2011 5min
Answer Breitbart's Call: Join Him in Vanquishing the Left

PJTV Special

"These people need to be vanquished, like Van Jones, like ACORN...they are the bullies in the playground." -- Andrew Breitbart

Apr 23, 2011 8min
Chaos in Wisconsin: What's Really Happening & Why Unions Won't Give Up the Fight Against Walker

PJTV Special

"Taking on the status quo is no easy task. Each day, there are protesters in and around our state Capitol. They have every right to be heard. But their voices cannot drown out the voices of the countless taxpayers who want us to balance our budgets and, more importantly, to make government work for each of them." Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI)

Mar 10, 2011 11min
Continuing Dissolution: No Budget? No Problem for Liberals and Big Government Republicans

PJTV Special

"If I try to channel House leadership, sometimes it makes my brain hurt" -- Tim Chapman 

Sep 29, 2011 7min
Dana Loesch: Conservative Women "Have More Balls Than Liberal Men"

CPAC 2011

"Every single clip that I have seen of Chris Matthews...has been him calling some woman a balloon head, or saying that she looked like a zombie...they can't argue policy...conservative women are scary because...they are a bunch of sexist chauvinistic pigs. They don't like women" -- Dana Loesch

Feb 12, 2011 10min
Dana Loesch: The Tea Party Won't Rest Until Constitutional Conservatives Takeover Government

Tea Party TV

Dana Loesch brings down the house at the Tea Party Patriots' Policy Summit. The Tea Party may only be a couple years old, but Loesch reminds you why the GOP better not take it for granted. 
Feb 28, 2011 6min