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Alexis Garcia: Nuclear Charmers

Ten in Two

The nuclear charms race is in full swing. Both Vladimir Putin and Sarah Palin are on television, proving their talents. Is this the advent of a new style of politician? Find out as Cliff May, Austin Bay and Alexis Garcia look at the Bering Strait's most talented stars.

Dec 27, 2010 2min
Alexis Garcia: Obama's Murky Leadership On BP Oil Spill

Ten in Two

The BP oil spill turned into a political nightmare for President Obama. The spill imperiled the economy and the environment. Hear Alexis Garcia take you through the days following the gulf oil disaster.

Dec 29, 2010 2min
PJTV's Alexis Garcia Previews the GOP Presidential Reagan Library Debate

PJTV Special

Alexis Garcia previews the Reagan Debate.

Sep 5, 2011 2min
People Power v. Money Power? Alexis Garcia From Tampa on the Fight to Win the Florida State Primary

PJTV Special

"Gingrich has come and is kind of employing a rope-a-dope strategy and really absorbing some punches. Mitt Romney is outspending him on the airwave 5-1 here." - Alexis Garcia

Jan 30, 2012 5min
Alexis Garcia: Top Five Internet Rules for Politicians

Eleven in Two

"Anything you say can and will be posted on YouTube" -- Alexis Garcia


Dec 28, 2011 3min
Alexis Garcia: Top Five Presidential Campaign Moments from 2011

Eleven in Two

"When that 3 a.m. phone call comes, is he [Mitt] going to ask for Anderson Cooper?" -- Alexis Garcia 

Dec 26, 2011 3min
Garcia & Loesch: Why Can't Liberals Understand the Ryan Budget or Simple Economics?

The Conversation with Tony Katz

"The government doesn't create wealth...everybody knows that wealth is created in one place and that is an unencumbered private sector." -- Dana Loesch 

Apr 23, 2011 7min
Time to Shred the Credit Card: Will Republicans Increase the Debt Limit? Alexis Garcia Reports in DC

PJTV Special

When I was a kid and I got an allowance from my parents, if I was irresponsible with my money, they wouldn't give it to me the next week. Congress needs to stand up and stop spending on a bureaucracy that's out of control.

Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO)


May 10, 2011 4min
CAMPAIGN 2012: Alexis Garcia Grades Last Night's Debate and Mitt Romney Hits the Streets of NH

PJTV Special

"Make no mistake about it...President Obama is a one-term president." -- Rep. Michele Bachmann

Jun 14, 2011 6min
Alexis Garcia Reports From Florida: Newt Gingrich Chides Press as Romney Shows Strength in Polls

PJTV Special

"A lot of conservatives don't see a candidate that they have fallen in love with" -- Alexis Garcia


Jan 31, 2012 5min