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Obama's Attack on Success: Does The President Have Any Clue How to Do This Job?

The Conversation with Tony Katz

"This guy [Obama] cannot run a lemonade stand...he doesn't know what he is doing." -- Allen Barton

Jul 6, 2011 10min
McCotter Joins Growing GOP Field, but Don't Expect Bachmann and Romney to Roll Over

Front Page with Allen Barton

"Republican voters aren't happy with the field. They don't feel like there's enough conservative voices being heard. McCotter sees an opening." - Alexis Garcia

Jul 1, 2011 10min
2012 GOP Battleflield: Bachmann and McCotter Are in, But Are There Surprises Ahead?

The Conversation with Tony Katz

"Bachmann's folksy. McCotter's folksy. Is there anyone who isn't folksy in this race?" -- Tony Katz 

Jul 7, 2011 10min
PJTV REPORT: From Shakedown to a Shake Out, Who Is Taking Your Money and Who Is Losing His Job

PJTV Special

Take a wild ride through PJTV land, with Barney Frank's close election, fraud in Nevada, Tax-Sucking Unions & Audrey Hepburn.


Oct 28, 2010 10min
Election Day Roundtable: What's Next for America?

PJTV Special

"The mainstream media has plunged a dagger into its heart" 

Nov 6, 2012 83min
PJTV REPORT: Lame Duck Congress Goes Hog Wild; Plus Scrooge McDuck Economics and Health Care Slavery

PJTV Special

It's feeding time at the trough for the lame duck Congress; plus Scrooge McDuck Economics and Health Care Slavery.

Dec 16, 2010 7min
PJTV REPORT: Election Politics, Gold Prices, and Big Green

PJTV Special

Alexis Garcia and Brandi Milloy bring you the top stories on PJTV.

Oct 8, 2010 8min
PJTV REPORT: Thank God for Good Ideas: Blow Up the Tax Code, Send Liberals Back to Harvard

PJTV Special

  Nov 22, 2010 7min
PJTV REPORT: Is Imam Rauf Setting World Opinion Ablaze?

PJTV Special

Alexis Garcia and Danika Quinn look into the recent comments of Imam Rauf, and the efforts of some to burn Korans. Joe Hicks answers critics of his First Amendment position and the Trifecta gang talks about the Tea Party movement. Hear about the 9/12 rallies and more on the PJTV Report.  

Sep 15, 2010 6min
PJTV REPORT: Karl Rove Served a Hot Plate of Humble Pie

PJTV Special

See Alexis Garcia and Danika Quinn in the PJTV Report Karl Rove doesn't want you to see.  

Sep 26, 2010 7min