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Reality v. Krugman: If Obama Didn't Go On a Spending Bender, What's Up With This Deficit?

PJTV Special

Scott Ott speaks with Brian Riedl of the Heritage Foundation about the stimulus and spending orgy in Washington, D.C. 

Oct 14, 2010 13min
Beltway Bandits: Spending America into Oblivion

PJTV Daily

 How out of control is government spending?  So bad that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is talking like a Tea Partier.  Brandi Milloy talks to Manhattan Institute’s Josh Barro and Heritage’s Brian Riedl about the sad state of our fiscal affairs, and what it means when a commercial airline has a better credit rating than an actual state.  Could the U.S. suffer the same financial fate as Greece or Portugal?  To find out, tune in. http://pjtv.com/v/3315

PJTV Daily Show, Economy/Financial Shows, Josh Barro, Brian Riedl, Brandi Milloy ]

Mar 30, 2010 15min