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Rep. Eric Cantor: Are You Sick of Government Spending? Then YouCut It.

PJTV Special

With the national debt now reaching over $13 trillion dollars, we are all aware of the out-of-control spending in Congress. But what can change the culture of spending in Washington? Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) tells Washington, DC Bureau Chief Richard Pollock why a solution may just be a click away. Learn about the new innovative YouCut website and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3665

May 28, 2010 13min
The Wall Street Journal's Paul Gigot & Rep. Paul Ryan: Can Republicans Cut Spending & Reform Taxes?

PJTV Special

  Is the GOP serious about spending cuts? Can Republicans accomplish what they were sent to DC to do?

Jan 6, 2011 70min
Barack Obama, Radical In Chief (Part 2)-- Socialist in Training: Obama's Early Years

PJTV Special

Richard Pollock continues his interview with Stanley Kurtz, author of Radical In Chief. Hear about Obama's mentors and his link to socialist scholars and socialist community organizers. 

Nov 24, 2010 13min
Barack Obama, Radical-in-Chief (Part 1): Polarize & Socialize

PJTV Special

Author Stanley Kurtz sits down with Richard Pollock to speak about the socialism of Barack Obama. Does Obama want to polarize America along class lines? Is Obama's real strategy to topple American business interests? Find out.

Nov 22, 2010 9min
COMPLETE COVERAGE: Chris Coates Testifies About Black Panthers & DOJ Ignoring Voter Intimidation

PJTV Special

 Broadcasting live from Washington, DC, PJTV brings you total coverage from the Civil Rights Commision hearing with United States Attorney, Christopher Coates. Mr. Coates is the former head of the DOJ's Voting Section, which is responsible for protecting voters' rights. His testimony reveals how presidential political appointees within the Department of Justice instructed Coates not to enforce the law to protect the rights of all voters. 

Sep 24, 2010 200min
Democrat Distances Civil Rights Movement From New Black Panthers

PJTV Special

The New Black Panther voter intimidation case seems to be having an effect. Watch civil rights leader John Lewis (D-GA) as he creates distance between the civil rights movement and the New Black Panthers.

Sep 29, 2010 2min
Mum's the Word: Abigail Thernstrom at the Civil Rights Commission's Panthergate Hearing

PJTV Special

Abigail Thernstrom, Vice-Chair of Commission on Civil Rights, doesn't seem to want to comment on the New Black Panther voter intimidation case. Why not? Is this case small potatoes or not? Richard Pollock reports.


Sep 24, 2010 1min
One Nation Rally: Socialists, Astroturfers, and Anti-Israel Agitators Hit the National Mall

PJTV Special

So who attended the One Nation rally to support the Democratic agenda? Richard Pollock brings you behind the scenes to show you the true face of the liberal movement in America.  

Oct 5, 2010 5min
Patrick Poole: Mubarak's Decision to Remain a Diplomatic Failure for Obama Admin.

CPAC 2011

"The most recent National Security Strategy, there's absolutely no mention of radical islam and only two or three mentions of al Qaeda. Some of that began in the Bush Administration but now under the Obama Administration it is an act of treachery." -- Patrick Poole

Feb 10, 2011 8min
PJTV EXCLUSIVE: Panthergate, Congressman Calls For Investigation of New Black Panther Case

PJTV Special

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) believes justice should be blind. Do Eric Holder and the President agree? Congressman Wolf wants answers as to the handling of the New Black Panther polling place intimidation case, and has sent a letter to the Inspector General requesting an investigation of the Department of Justice.  In an exclusive PJTV interview Rep. Wolf explains his concerns.

Jul 14, 2010 7min