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Zo's Tax Day Tea Party Speech, Part 2

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

Tea Party Coverage, Alfonzo Rachel, Tax Day Tea Party 2010, AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation, Tea Party TV, ZoNation, Tea Party Crashers ]

Apr 27, 2010 11min
Your Priorities For 2010 and Beyond: Ryan Hecker Lays Out The Contract From America

Tea Party TV

It's time our government started listening to and working for us again. Ryan Hecker polled the American people, found out what they want from their government, and put it into one document called Contract From America. Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3411

Tea Party Coverage, Ryan Hecker, Tax Day Tea Party 2010, Tea Party TV, Tea Party Crashers ]

Apr 16, 2010 5min
Will Republicans Get On Board the Tea Party Express, or Remain the Remain the Cheap Democrats in DC?

Tea Party TV

 PJTV interviews Howard Kaloogian of the Tea Party Express III. Can the Tea Party co-exist with the GOP? Can the GOP survive without the Tea Party. COmment and watch here: http://pjtv.com/v/3310  

Mar 29, 2010 8min
Tucker Carlson's Tax Day Tea Party Address: Daily Caller Takes On the MSM

Tea Party TV

The Daily Caller's Tucker Carlson tells the mainstream media to stop sucking up to the Left and to start reporting the facts. Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3421

Tucker Carlson, Tea Party Coverage, Tax Day Tea Party 2010, Tea Party TV, Tea Party Crashers ]

Apr 17, 2010 8min
Tony Blankley: "The Tea Party is a Blessing for the Republican Party"

Tea Party TV

Tony Blankley joins the Front Page Regulars, Allen Barton, Yaron Brook and Terry Jones, to discuss the conservative movement, the future of the GOP, and the momentum of the Tea Party Movement.Watch and Comment: http://pjtv.com/v/3402

Front Page with Allen Barton, Allen Barton, Yaron Brook, Terry Jones, Tea Party TV, Tony Blankley, Tea Party Crashers, Tea Party Coverage, Tax Day Tea Party 2010 ]

Apr 16, 2010 17min
The Party’s Over For Tea Party Caricatures – And Crashers


Scott Ott visits a real live tea party event – full of candidates, questions, answers, and, yes, dignity – and discovers a group worlds apart from the caricature of wild-eyed hayseeds portrayed by the mainstream media. Is it an atypical act of civility, or is the MSM simply wrong? Watch the latest Trifecta and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3373

Scott Ott, Trifecta, Stephen Green Vodkapundit, Bill Whittle, Tea Party TV, Tea Party Crashers ]

Apr 14, 2010 9min
The Best of the Worst: Tea Party Infiltrator Signs Revealed

Kruiser Control with Stephen Kruiser

  Kruiser Controls the crashers and shares some thoughts on his time at a tea party in Tucson, AZ. Check it out and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3434

Tea Party TV, Tea Party Crashers ]

Apr 19, 2010 9min
That's No Angry Mob II: Taking To The Streets of Boston

Tea Party TV

At the final stretch of the Tea Party Express in Boston, Massachusetts, Michael Graham tells PJTV’s Alexis Garcia why it’s great to have Sarah Palin along, why tea party crashers know their intimidation tactics will fail, and why tea partiers themselves really are – and aren’t – angry. Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3384

Tea Party Coverage, Michael Graham, Alexis Garcia, Tea Party Crashers ]

Apr 15, 2010 6min
TEA PARTY FLASHBACK: Rapper's Delight, Polatik Gets Down with the Tea Party Express

Tea Party Express III

David Saucedo, the man known to Tea Partiers as Polatik, talks about his first tour aboard the Tea Party Express and shares why his love for hip-hop has grown into a movement for social change. Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3399

Apr 20, 2010 9min
Tea Party Express III: Who's the Voice of the People? Find Out in Phoenix, Arizona.

Tea Party TV

PJTV's Danika Quinn reports from Phoenix, AZ on Day 2 of the Tea Party Express III Tour. Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3314.

Apr 25, 2010 7min