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Citizens Against Government Waste: 20 Years of Exposing Pork

Tea Party TV

Tom Schatz, Tea Party Coverage, Tea Party Crashers, Tom Price, John McCain, Jim Demint, Paul Braun, Jeff Flake ]

Apr 14, 2010 26min
The Book DC Doesn’t Want You To Read: Busting Pork With Citizens Against Government Waste

PJTV Daily

As Tax Day protests gear up across the country, Citizens Against Government Waste release the latest Pig Book – a compendium of the year’s pork. Watch CAGW President Tom Schatz tell PJTV’s Brandi Milloy who’s the porker of the year and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3370

Tom Schatz, PJTV Daily Show, Brandi Milloy ]

Apr 14, 2010 14min