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Vallely Q&A + Exclusive Intel Documents

PJTV Special

Put your questions for General Vallely in the section below and stay tuned for the exclusive Private Forum. 

CLICK HERE for to download the exclusive intelligence document. 

PJTV Special Report, Private Forum Questions, Bill Whittle, Paul Vallely ]

May 19, 2010 1min
High Stakes for Israel: Using Tunnels and a Russian Sub, Is Hezbollah Preparing a Summer Offensive?

Middle East Update

 General Paul E. Vallely is back on PJTV for an exclusive follow-up interview with Bill Whittle.  What is being done about Hezbollah's increasing militancy in Lebanon?  And what does Turkey's friendly relationship with Iran say about the balance of power in the Middle East?  General Vallely connects the dots between Lebanese tunnels, roads to nowhere a Russian sub and SCUD missiles.  The stakes couldn't be higher. To learn more, watch the interview.  You won't find a discussion like this in the MSM.

Middle East Update, Middle East on the Edge 2010, Bill Whittle, Paul Vallely ]

May 20, 2010 16min