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Border Insecurity: Can Israeli Security Measures Help Us Fight Drug Cartel Violence?

National Security Review

 This week on NSR, host Bill Whittle tackles Hamid Karzai's visit to the United States, rising drug cartel violence and Iraq's very bloody Monday.  He's joined by FDD's Jonathan Schanzer and former Marine and Troopathon.org correspondent Matt Sanchez.


As warring drug cartels battle for turf, civilian casualties have skyrocketed, especially in border towns. How long before the violence spills over into the united states, and what can we do to stop it?


And is it time to reevaluate General Stanley Mc Chrystal’s strategy in Afghanistan?  We’ll take a look at the growing criticism.

Watch this week's NSR for all this, and more.


Jonathan Schanzer, Bill Whittle, Matt Sanchez, National Security Review ]

May 12, 2010 16min