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Vallely Q&A + Exclusive Intel Documents

PJTV Special

Put your questions for General Vallely in the section below and stay tuned for the exclusive Private Forum. 

CLICK HERE for to download the exclusive intelligence document. 

PJTV Special Report, Private Forum Questions, Bill Whittle, Paul Vallely ]

May 19, 2010 1min
MEMBERFECTA: You Asked, and They Answered


Members Only. We asked you to submit your burning questions about the hot topics of the day and we picked 30 for the Trifecta Dream-Team to answer in a special, edition of Trifecta. Tune in and see if your question was answered by Bill Whittle, Scott Ott, or Stephen Green. Tune in and watch:

Jun 23, 2010 24min
TRIBEFECTA: Why Does Glenn Beck Hate Soccer? Your Questions Answered Here (Members Only)


Where does Nancy Pelosi get her hair cut? What's Bill's favorite memory about growing up in Bermuda? Where did "TribeFecta" come from? Because the Trifecta team loves our subscribers, this segment and comment section is for Members Only. Ask the guys anything you want. Please include your name and town. Also, the Member who asks the best question gets PJTV gear.

Jun 16, 2010 3min
Trifecta: Bill Returns to Gitmo and Answers Your Questions


What did you do for Memorial Day? Well, Bill Whittle went back to Guantanamo Bay. Join Stephen Green and Scott Ott as they ask Bill Whittle to share his favorite Gitmo moments. And, if you have any question about Guantamo Bay or what Bill experienced while there, just hit the comment section and ask what you want to know. Deadline is 12:00pm Monday. Watch the Members Only Private Forum on Tuesday, June 8th. 


Watch and comment: and comment:

Jun 2, 2010 12min