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Ground Zero Mosque vs. the London Super Mosque

Sharia and Jihad

The quest to build new Mosques strategically near iconic and symbolic locations in London and New York is discussed.  Former Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords, Baroness Caroline Cox interviews former London Councillor Alan Craig. Mr Craig discusses his efforts to slow down and stop the building of a MegaMosque near the site for the London 2012 Olympics. He also comments on attempts in New York to build a Mosque near Ground Zero.  Watch and comment here: http://www.pjtv.com/?cmd=mpg&mpid=111&load=3597

Other PJTV Coverage of Sharia/Jihad and New York: Times Square Bomber Investigation - Discontinue the Censorship - Federal law enforcement and intelligence agents investigating the Times Square Bomber  should not be shackled with censorship of Islamic terminology as they have in the past says PJTV's Roger L. Simon. PJTV has covered how a number of key federal documents are 100 percent sanitized regarding Islamic terminology. Additionally Roger L. Simon has called for a congressional hearing into this issue. Link: http://www.pjtv.com/?cmd=mpg&mpid=111

Ground Zero Mosque, Caroline Cox, Alan Craig ]

May 26, 2010 7min