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The Intellectual Ghetto: Marginalization in the Media

PJTV Special

Is the Metropolitan Opera racist because there are few minorities in the audience? What about the Tea Parties?  Are black intellectuals, especially conservatives, marginalized by the media?  Joe Hicks gets the answers about identity politics and current events as he interviews syndicated columnist Deroy Murdock.  Hear more about  race, Israel, Netanyahu, Michael Steele, and the Tea Party movement. 


Watch and comment here:  http://pjtv.com/v/3872


Jul 15, 2010 13min
The NAACP: Advancing Unions and the Democratic Party, Not Civil Rights

Minority Report

"Along with the teacher unions, the NAACP has gone into court to prevent the closing down of miserably failing schools in an attempt to block the opening of charter schools." -- Joe Hicks 

Jun 14, 2011 9min
The Pigford Settlement: First Step Towards Reparations?

Minority Report

Did Barack Obama just open the door to reparations for slavery? Find out on this episode of the Minority Report. 

Dec 20, 2010 7min
Un-Commonly Bad Decision: Why Did Obama Invite Cop Killer Sympathizer to the White House?

Minority Report

"The White House is the people's house." -- Joe Hicks 

May 17, 2011 8min
Unleash Us: Are Black Voters Abandoning Obama?

Minority Report

"Now even black voters have begun to raise their eyebrows and ask questions about the President's ability to get the job done." -- Joe Hicks

Aug 22, 2011 5min
Voter Intimidation 2008: Did Obama's Team Disenfranchise Hillary Clinton's Supporters?

PJTV Special

Were primary and caucus voters disenfranchised in a determined effort to get Obama elected?

Sep 8, 2010 17min
We're All Racist Republicans Now, Or How to Understand Obama's Plummeting Approval Ratings

Minority Report

"In the minds of most Republicans in the House, what’s different about this president is that he’s inexperienced, has poor political skills, and seems dedicated to really bad ideas." - Joe Hicks

Aug 8, 2011 8min
Why Identification Requirements Are Not Racist

Minority Report

"Carrying ID is a white thing?!? I've got ID...I guess the fact that I carry ID must be proof positive that I am not an authentic black man" -- Joe Hicks 

Jun 28, 2011 7min
Winning and Losing the Race in Post-Racial America

PJTV Special

Joe Hicks talks with John McWhorter, author of Winning the Race, about post-racial politics in America.  Is “race” becoming antique concept?  Should our nation continue policies of affirmative action?  Hear more as Hicks explores the meaning of race and identity.

Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3869

Jul 13, 2010 14min
Coming Out of the Conservative Closet: Help PJTV Develop New Programming (Members Only)

PJTV Special

An exclusive offer to PJTV members: Help us develop a new program focusing on the always volatile issues of race and politics.
Joe Hicks talks to Sonja Schmidt about her transformation from a '60's flower child into a Bush supporting conservative.  Sonja discusses the difficulties she faced as a conservative in Hollywood. What are your thoughts on the post-racial era? Let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned for more on this next week.

Jul 8, 2010 13min