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Tea Party Tracking Poll Week 3: Tea Party Concerns Cross Party Lines, Nationwide Economic Concerns

Tea Party TV

Majority of people still have favorable views of the Tea Party movement, but even more are worried about the federal debt and the possibility of another financial crisis. 

Aug 19, 2010 7min
PJTV's Tea Party Tracking Poll Cross Tabs: Do Not Doubt The Power (Members Only)

Tea Party TV

Tea Party members are having a tremendous influence on their friends and family members who are not affiliated with the Tea Party movement.

Aug 12, 2010 2min
New PJTV Tea Party Tracking Poll: More Than 50% of Likely Voters Support the Tea Party Movement

Tea Party TV

PJTV introduces the Tea Party Tracking Poll.  Not only is there support for the Tea Party movement, the majority of Tea Party supporters are very quiet about their support.

Aug 3, 2010 9min