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A November to Remember? Scott Rasmussen Reads the Pulse of the Electorate

InstaVision With Glenn Reynolds

Glenn Reynolds talks with Scott Rasmussen, pollster and author of Mad as Hell.

Sep 15, 2010 10min
Democrats Have Met The Enemy, and He Is Obama

Front Page with Allen Barton

Can Democrats successfully distance themselves from Obama? Alex Bratty of Public Opinion Strategies joins Allen Barton, Terry Jones and Alex Epstein. 

Sep 11, 2010 12min
Tea Party Tracking Poll: Tea Party Supporters Becoming More Public

Tea Party TV

Tea Party supporters are becoming less private about their Tea Party support. Is there room for improvement for the Tea Party movement? Find out as Bill Whittle talks to Vik Rubenfeld, the PJTV Director of Polling.

Sep 10, 2010 5min
Fear the Democratic Party, Not The Tea Party

Tea Party TV

Could the Dems hate their party more than the Tea Party, or are they still trying to make the Tea Party look like a bunch of kooks? Find out as the Dana Loesch takes you through this Week in Tea.

Sep 10, 2010 10min
California Congressional Candidate Battling The Jane Harman Monster

PJTV Special

Congressional Candidate Mattie Fein (R-CA) talks with Stephen Kruiser about the upcoming election, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Jane Harman (D-CA) and the buzz surrounding the Young Frankstein commercial.  

Sep 9, 2010 12min
TEA'd OFF: Are American Voters Angry about the Economy?

Front Page with Allen Barton

What influence will the difficult economy and the Tea Party movement have on on the 2010 elections?  

Sep 7, 2010 11min
Tea Party Tracking Poll Crosstabs: Taxing Questions from Tea Party Supporters (Members Only)

PJTV Special

Hear about the relationship between taxes and Tea Party support as Alexis Garcia talks to Vik Rubenfeld about the latest PJTV Tea Party Tracking Poll. 

Sep 4, 2010 2min
Frank Flunks Finance: Illinois Candidate Schools Barney Frank on Causes of Financial Crisis


Hear about Joel Pollak's journey from Harvard Yard to the front lines of U.S. politics on Coast to Coast Tea Party with Stephen Green. 

Sep 3, 2010 12min
Tea Party Tracking Poll: Chaos in Congress? PJTV Reports, Voters Will Decide

Tea Party TV

A majority of likely voters support the Tea Party, and an even larger majority thinks that their taxes will increase. Alexis Garcia talks with Vik Rubenfeld about recent polling trends, and the implications for the upcoming elections. 

Sep 2, 2010 4min
Coast to Coast: Businessman Burning up the Pennsylvania Campaign Trail


Pennsylvania businessman Tim Burns (R) is running for the seat once held by John Murtha (D-PA).  

Sep 1, 2010 11min