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Huntsman: Serious Contender or RINO?

PJTV Report

"On paper Mitt Romney looks great, but in practice he is awkward." -- Alexis Garcia

Jun 17, 2011 7min
The Mainstream Media Takes Aim at Michele Bachmann. Plus, the Impact of New York's Gay Marriage Law

PJTV Report

"The media is going to try to portray Bachmann as someone who's not for real, not serious." - Alexis Garcia

Jun 27, 2011 8min
The Secret of Herman Cain's Success. Hint: It's Not Money. Plus, Judge Napolitano on Fast & Furious

PJTV Report

"It's not just about money." - Herman Cain

Jul 18, 2011 3min
Getting Smart in St. Louis: How the Smart Girls Are Reshaping the Washington Debate

PJTV Report

"This group of conservative women is really looking for genuine candidates." - Alexis Garcia

Aug 2, 2011 5min
South Carolina Looking Like a Reality Show: Newt Scores Big, While Mitt Fumbles Tax Question

PJTV Special

"John King just played right into Newt's hands" -- Alexis Garcia

Jan 20, 2012 6min
Tax Apocalypse? What the Fiscal Cliff Means For Average Families

PJTV Special

"The average household is looking at $3,500 a year in taxes" -- Brian Hughes

Nov 14, 2012 8min