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clay-aiken-pjtv-small Former Apprentice Contestant, Clay Aiken, Says Donald Trump is Nice But...

PJTV Special

Clay Aiken was on two seasons of Celebrity Apprentice with The Donald. So, even though he's a liberal, hear why he actually liked Trump...

Sep 18, 2015 2min
iran-us-nuclear-deal Roger L. Simon Asked Rand Paul and Ben Carson About Iran, and Got Radically Different Answers...

PJTV Special

Roger L. Simon, went to the Republican Debate at the Reagan Library and asked Rand Paul and Ben Carson about the Iran Deal... they disagreed radically!

Sep 18, 2015 2min
Ben Carson: Divisiveness 'Costing Us More Lives and More Money'

PJTV Special

Ben Carson wants to unite the country, not further divide it. He says to make people divided is to cost people their lives and money.

Jun 10, 2015 2min
Marco Rubio: 'Evidence that Iran Wants a Nuclear Weapon'

PJTV Special

Roger Simon had an opportunity to have a one-on-one interview with Marco Rubio; they discuss Iran's nuclear deal, his Cuban heritage, and speeding tickets!

Jun 9, 2015 10min
Dinesh D'Souza Should Have Been Nominated for an Oscar

Red State Red Carpet

Documentaries allow us to gain access to worlds not otherwise seen, and they educate us. Dinesh  D’Souza’s ‘2016’ did just that, and deserved an Oscar nod.

Feb 18, 2015 16min
Proud to Be an American: Patriotism in Hollywood

Red State Red Carpet

American Sniper has surpassed all war films, and destroyed box office records. Why? Does Clint Eastwood’s film show Americans want more USA pride in films?

Feb 17, 2015 20min
What Happened to Ronald Reagan's Hollywood?

Red State Red Carpet

The Hollywood red carpets were once home to Ronald Reagan and John Wayne, and they’re now the land of Matt Damon & Michael Moore. How did we wind up here?

Feb 16, 2015 23min
What's Next In Gaza? Roger L. Simon Sits Down with Israeli Consul General David Siegel

PJTV Special

"We're going to continue to work on the demilitarization of Hamas." --David Siegel, Israeli Consul General of LA

Jul 15, 2014 17min
Danny Ayalon, Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel, Discusses Hagel Nomination and More

PJTV Special

"What I see for Syria is continued war and violence" - Danny Ayalon

Jan 10, 2013 14min
Why Roger & Lionel Are Among the Few Who Didn't Like 'Zero Dark Thirty'


"I didn't know what the hell was going on for 90 percent of this movie" -- Roger L. Simon

Dec 28, 2012 7min