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The Evils of Artificial Intelligence

PJTV Special

Bill Whittle gets the answers from some of your favorite PJTV personalities about artificial intelligence. Will the so-called AI "singularity" destroy human civilization, or will it enhance the lives of everyone? Find out. 

Oct 2, 2014 12min
Mocking the Jihadis: New Iraqi Comedy Show Lampoons Islamic Extremists


A new Iraqi comedy show, “State of Myths,” viciously ridicules Islamist extremists as hypocrites. Whittle thinks it’s the most important story of the year.

Oct 2, 2014 5min
Gary Johnson, Pt. 2: Militarization of the Government Damages our Freedom

PJTV Special

The BLM’s taking our lands, the NSA’s spying on us, and there’s an all-out militarization of our cops. Check out Part 2 with Libertarian Pres. Candidate Gary Johnson.

Oct 2, 2014 8min
Bill Explains to a Ukrainian Why Obama Isn't Protecting her Country (Members Only)

Hot Seat with Bill Whittle

Bill received a question this week from a Ukrainian viewer, asking why Obama doesn't seem to do anything to stop Putin's encroachment into her country.

Oct 2, 2014 13min
First Ebola Case Diagnosed in United States! Plus, an 8,000 Calorie Breakfast

The Rundown

The first case of Ebola is diagnosed here in the United States. A grand jury clears Tony Stewart and an 8,000 calorie breakfast! 

Oct 1, 2014 27min
Drunken, Sloppy Sex: Does 'Yes' Mean 'Yes' or Just More Rape Panels?


California law withholds money from colleges that don’t follow mandate that says a drunk woman can’t consent. Will this make many men rapists by default?

Oct 1, 2014 7min
What is a Reasonable Tax? (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

The U.S. tax code is four million words long. What’s a reasonable tax? Listen to Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle discuss.

Oct 1, 2014 4min
What Kind of Attorney General Will Replace Holder & Should GOP Fight?


Obama’s pick for next Attorney General may happen fast. Furious opponents of Eric Holder’s tenure might be ripe for a fight. What kind of AG do you want?

Sep 30, 2014 6min
Leaving a News Reporting Gig to Run a Marijuana Business... What You Smoking?

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

This Alaska reporter left a paying news gig, while on the air, to make a statement about weed legalization...well that sounds completely rational...

Sep 30, 2014 5min
Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson: How the Libertarian Party Can be Viable

PJTV Special

2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Gary Johnson, joins Stephen Kruiser to discuss the future of the Libertarian Party in 2014 and 2016...and beyond.

Sep 30, 2014 15min