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Hunter Lion Killer vs. Abortionist: Same or Different?

Scott Ott Thought

Conservatives use the death of Cecil the African lion to attack Planned Parenthood, but Scott Ott Thought the lion killer is no comparison. Here’s why.

Aug 1, 2015 2min
jeb-bush-wave-small Why Bill Whittle Absolutely Won't Vote for Jeb Bush! (Members Only)


Bill Whittle is pretty adamant that he will not vote for Jeb Bush. He really really won't. Find out why he won't give the 'lesser of 2 evils' speech again.

Aug 1, 2015 6min
experimental-aircraft Experimental Aircraft: The Last Real Freedom We Have


Bill Whittle pilots an experimental aircraft...not authorized by the FAA. Is he safe? Should he be allowed? Is he free?

Aug 1, 2015 8min
special-olympics-logo-small Real Recognition and Rewards: The Special Olympics (Members Only)


What's so special about the Special Olympics? Watch as the stalwarts get choked up talking about the dedication and rewards for SO athletes.

Jul 30, 2015 7min
water-pouring-glass Glass Half-Full? Optimism in Politics???


Can the glass really be half-full in politics? Can't we all just be optimistic... Bill Whittle certainly doesn't think so. He goes full Hulk!

Jul 29, 2015 7min
mitch-mcconnell-borg-small Mitch McConnell as a Borg? How the GOP Leader is a Traitor to his Party


Has Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell become a traitor to the GOP cause? Check out this Trifecta comparison of McConnell to a Star Trek Borg.

Jul 28, 2015 7min
Bill-Cosby Hear Why Cosby Is Hated and Michael Jackson Revered

The Rundown

Hear Why Bill Cosby Is Hated and Michael Jackson Revered

Jul 27, 2015 12min
stephen-kruiser-funny Rewinding Steve, Rock-n-Roller Scott, and Funny Kruiser: The Real Trifecta? (Members Only)


In this Trifecta Extra, we get a glimpse into the real Trifecta gang-- a rewinding Steve, a rock-n-rolling Scott Ott, and a 'funny' Kruiser.

Jul 25, 2015 9min
Leave Our Guns Alone: Second Amendment Security

The Leave Us Alone Coalition: Get Government out of Our Lives

What’s the proof that guns save more lives than they take??? Check out this episode of the Leave Us Alone Coalition series for the answer!

Jul 24, 2015 24min
time-cover-bush-clinton Political Elitism: A Feature of American Politics??? (Members Only)


As Presidents Bush and Clinton appear on Time Magazine's cover headlined 'Game of Thrones,' our Stalwarts address political elitism in America.

Jul 24, 2015 6min