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syd-mead-happy-people-small Reclaiming the Lost Future: Ethical Happy People


The future looked grand partially because we not only looked forward to the technology, but also the culture of future-America... it didn't turn out well. 

Nov 25, 2015 12min
syd-mead-future-small Reclaiming the Lost Future: Unlimited Clean Energy

PJTV Special

We should have had the shiny modern future dreamed up in the space age... so why don't we? Because liberals!

Nov 24, 2015 7min
Journalist Bias? A Mere Seven Percent of Journalists Are Republicans

The Rundown

Democrats outnumber Republicans by a 4 to 1 margin in journalism.

Nov 23, 2015 10min
french-flag-small The Guard Who Stopped the Suicide Bomber in Paris was a Muslim? (Members Only)


Turns out to have been a fake story, but wouldn't it have been interesting if it wasn't? See all the other shenanigans from this behind-the-scenes extra!

Nov 21, 2015 6min
pledge-small Should Republicans Sign a 'No Bailout' Pledge? (Members Only)


Republicans have long signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to say 'no new taxes,' but should they now sign a 'no new bailouts' pledge also?

Nov 20, 2015 7min
french-flag Post Paris: Liberals Can't Blame Terror Attack on Muslims


Never let a tragedy go to waste: minutes after the Paris terror attacks, Liberals rushed to blame the attacks on everything but Islam...

Nov 19, 2015 13min
coexist-symbol Post Paris: Can Sharia Law and the Constitution Coexist?


After the terrors in Paris, Bill Whittle asks if we should just listen to our President and accept Islam as a progressive path for America...

Nov 18, 2015 15min
president-obama-g20 Post Paris: Is Obama Actually Pro-Jihadi?


In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, Obama stood before the G20 and said he was uninterested in hearing about 'America Winning'... Is he pro-Jihad???

Nov 17, 2015 9min
Missouri-Protest Mizzou Prepares Kids to Avoid Racism by Seeking Shelter from the World

Scott Ott Thought

Scott Ott thought the University of Missouri should explain how dumping their president solves timeless problems like racism, hate. Listen with your heart.

Nov 17, 2015 5min
Ben-Carson Liberals Call Ben Carson a Liar, but Can They Prove It?

The Rundown

Liberals Call Ben Carson a Liar, But Can They Prove It? 

Nov 16, 2015 12min