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Dow 5000, Animal Spirits & the Double Dip Recession: Keynesian Facts vs. Fantasies

Front Page with Allen Barton

The Godfather of Government Stimulus has more than just one crack-pot idea.

Aug 31, 2010 14min
Operation Disenfranchise: How the Department of Justice Won't Protect our Soldiers' Right to Vote

PJTV Special

Military ballots are not getting out on time. Will the votes of our troops be counted? Find out as Alexis Garcia talks with former Department of Justice attorney J. Christian Adams.  

Aug 31, 2010 6min
MINORITY REPORT: Uncivil Rights Organizers Pull the Race Card On Glenn Beck

PJTV Special

Civil rights organizers are criticizing Glenn Beck for holding a rally at the Lincoln Memorial.Is race even remotely related to Beck's event in Washington, DC?  

Aug 31, 2010 19min
Dana Loesch at Beck's 8/28 Rally: A Day of Peace, Prayer & Liberty that the MSM Didn't Let You See

Tea Party TV

Hear Dana as she interviews participants. Freedom, diversity and more.

Aug 30, 2010 7min
The Government is Sitting on its Fannie as Home Sales Plummet

Front Page with Allen Barton

Will the Democrats pay for their housing policies come November?  

Aug 30, 2010 13min
Hair of the Dog: Blame Bush, the Rich, Glenn Beck, and School Lunches, but Not Brad Pitt


Hear about Glenn Beck, Christiane Amanpour, Brad Pitt and more. 

Aug 30, 2010 4min
The Star Hustler: An Eclectic Genius Who Believed We Are Each Unique

Afterburner with Bill Whittle

The original Star Hustler, Jack Foley Horkheimer, host of the PBS program Star Gazer passed away last week. Star Gazer was popular with amateur astronomers. Find out how he gave Bill his start, and why you wouldn't be seeing Afterburner today if we all weren't looking up.

Aug 29, 2010 9min
WELCOME TO THE PJTV REPORT: Danika/Brandi/Alexis/Kruiser. One of These Things Is Not Like The Other

PJTV Special

The PJTV Report dares to ask -- Why isn't the economy creating jobs?  What does Letterman have against Obama?  And how hard is it to get across the U.S. Border? 

Aug 28, 2010 6min
Jobless Recovery Summer: Is the Government to Blame?

Front Page with Allen Barton

Are we regulating Americans into sustained unemployment?  

Aug 28, 2010 11min
WEEK IN BLOGS: Ruining the Economy, Ducking Ground Zero Mosque Questions & Leadership We Deserve


The housing market, the audacity soap, crash the Tea Party, the jobs deficit and more. 

Aug 28, 2010 4min