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Giving Thanks, Trifecta Style (Member's Only)


What is Nancy Pelosi thankful for this year? What about the Presidential candidates we don't know about yet? Find out on this Thanksgiving edition of Trifecta with Stephen Green, Stephen Kruiser and Scott Ott.

Nov 24, 2010 5min
A Very Obama Thanksgiving: He Can't Be Thankful His Numbers Are in the Toilet

Sonja Schmidt's Left Exposed

Think our nation is going down the toilet? You will find out why after this Sonja Schmidt Thanksgiving special. Special appearances by Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. 

Nov 23, 2010 4min
Korean Crisis: What's Really Behind North Korea's Attack?

National Security Review

Alexis Garcia speaks with Walter Lohman of the Heritage Foundation. 

Nov 23, 2010 10min
Bush v. Palin: The Silver Fox Lashes Out at Mama Grizzly


First Karl Rove, now Barbara Bush? Sarah Palin is under fire, not from Democrats, but from people in her own party: the Bush cronies and even a former First Lady.  

Nov 23, 2010 6min
Big Green, Al Gore and MSM Still Blowing Hot Air


Al Gore's global warming science is clearly flawed, so why are the environmentalists still brainwashing our kids, and why does the media keep pushing a global warming agenda? Will the mainstream media keep providing cover for Al Gore's agenda, or will he ever be exposed as a man who got rich hawking flawed science?

Nov 23, 2010 9min
Terrorists & Michael Moore's Abdul Bomb

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

Michael Moore thinks that "white" America does not like having a black President, and Joy Behar thinks that Sean Hannity should be water boarded. Why aren't they focused on the real threat to America, namely the terrorists and the threat of terrorism.

Nov 22, 2010 5min
New Black Panther Update: Are Our Civil Rights Laws Applied Without Regard to Race?

PJTV Special

Peter Kirsanow, Commissioner, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, talks to Richard Pollock about the New Black Panther case, race neutrality and civil rights. 

Nov 22, 2010 10min
Rich v. Rich: Frank Rich Wants to Punish the Super Rich

Front Page with Allen Barton

Frank Rich, "The New York Times" columnist, wants to stop the rich. Are the wealthy a problem, or a solution? Are the rich paying too many taxes, or too few. Terry Jones and Yaron Brook talks to Allen Barton about Frank Rich's desire for more income equality.  

Nov 22, 2010 12min
HOTD: Dumbest Question of Week, Courtesy of NBC; Plus Smartest Answer of Week by Juan Williams


The VodkaPundit watches the Sunday shows, so you don't have to.  

Nov 22, 2010 3min
PJTV REPORT: Thank God for Good Ideas: Blow Up the Tax Code, Send Liberals Back to Harvard

PJTV Special

  Nov 22, 2010 7min