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Earth Day at 40: A Pro-Nature Movement or An Anti-Industrial Religion?

Front Page with Allen Barton

It’s been 40 years since the first Earth Day protesters donned their bell bottoms and took over the streets to protest airplane exhaust, traffic, pollution, and litter. These rallies on April 22, 1970 kicked off the modern environmental movement. But, when did this quest to lend a hand to mother nature turn into a crusade against modern industry? The Front Page crew break it down for you.

Watch and comment: http://pjtv.com/v/3452

Keith Lockitch, Front Page with Allen Barton, Alex Epstein, Allen Barton, Keith Lockitch, Terry Jones ]

Apr 22, 2010 15min
The Lightbulb vs. The Volcano: The Real True Story of Earth Day

Front Page with Allen Barton

What has more impact on our climate, the wrong type of lightbulb in Burbank, CA, or a volcano in Iceland? Find out the real, true story of Earth Day and our climate today. Watch and comment: http://pjtv.com/v/3453

Keith Lockitch, Front Page with Allen Barton, Alex Epstein, Allen Barton, Keith Lockitch, Terry Jones ]

Apr 22, 2010 14min
The Week In Blogs: Paid Companions, Unpaid Debt, And The Government’s Magic Touch


They force him to read the entire internet. You get the best four minutes. Thrill to garbled protest messages, the wit and wisdom of Ringo Starr, and the wit and wisdom of a former drunken sailor. Plus: former Gov. Spitzer’s former paid companion. Watch the Week in Blogs and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3456

Week in Blogs, Vodkapundit, Stephen Green Vodkapundit ]

Apr 22, 2010 4min
Flatscreen TVs And Forced Prostitution: Welcome To Your Socialist Nightmare


Meet the Davey family - just ordinary folks with a big family and lots of stuff, getting by on $64,000 dollars a year. But every penny of it is a government payout. The Trifecta gang tells you why it's very much your business. Find out why and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3440

Scott Ott, Bill Whittle, Stephen Green Vodkapundit, Trifecta ]

Apr 21, 2010 12min
Rubbernecking Over the RNC's Trainwreck

The Hicks File

The embarrassing mishaps at the RNC might make you want to just look the other way. But nowadays, with Chairman Michael Steele playing the race card, it’s time to confront the craziness for what it is. Watch the latest Hicks File and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3443

Joe Hicks, The Hicks File ]

Apr 21, 2010 7min
When Seconds Count

Dept. 7

Oftentimes, when the police are minutes away, seconds count. Self-defense isn't a privilege. It's a right. See why and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3431

PJTV Special Report ]

Apr 21, 2010 2min
Growing a Grassroots Powerhouse: Cincinnati Tea Party Takes the Reins

InstaVision With Glenn Reynolds

The Instapundit Glenn Reynolds was in Cincinnati, Ohio for the Tax Day Rallies and caught up with two of Ohio's most active Tea Party organizers and asked them about the growth of the movement in their area, the future of the Tea Party and the potential clash between the GOP establishment and Tea Party candidates in November.  Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3445

Tea Party Coverage, Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit, Tax Day Tea Party 2010, Instavision with Glenn Reynolds, Tea Party TV, Tea Party Crashers ]

Apr 21, 2010 9min
Apple's Stock Surge Gives Investors Reason to Be Cheerful

Hugh News

Obamacare, Goldman Sachs, and financial regulation got you down? Hugh Hewitt tells us why the surge in Apple stocks are a much needed reason to celebrate. Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3442

Hugh Hewitt, Hugh News ]

Apr 21, 2010 3min
IRAN'S SECRET NUKE PROGRAM: CIA Agent Infiltrates Revolutionary Guard, Uncovers New Enrichment Site

Sharia and Jihad

While working as a double agent for the CIA, Reza Kahlili cozied up with Iran's Revolutionary Guard and discovered a secret uranium enrichment site hidden deep in the mountains of Northern Iran.  He gives Roger L. Simon all the details, explaining exactly why the Mullahs can't be bargained with and will stop at nothing to gain nuclear weapons capabilities to start a religious war.  Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3433

PJTV Special Report, Roger L. Simon, Sharia and Jihad ]

Apr 21, 2010 11min
The New York Times Answer Man

Klavan on Culture

From high in the New York Times newsroom, Andrew Klavan indulges the reading public with answers to their silly, silly questions. Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3446

Klavan on culture, Andrew Klavan ]

Apr 21, 2010 4min