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The Chinese Century? Not So Fast...


China recently became the world's second largest economy. Should America be worried?

Aug 26, 2010 12min
Obama's Electioneers: Intimidation & Dirty Tricks Undermined Hillary Clinton's Campaign

PJTV Special

Gigi Gaston talks to Joe Hicks about irregularities in the 2008 Dem. primaries and caucuses.  

Aug 26, 2010 15min
Andrew Klavan: Does Islam Suck?

Klavan on Culture

A group would like to build a mosque near Ground Zero. Andrew has a few reasonable questions for our muslim friends. He hopes he can get them answered before some jihadi psycopath murders us all.

Aug 26, 2010 4min
The Institute for Justice: A Formidable Band of Libertarian Litigators Take On Tyrannical Government

InstaVision With Glenn Reynolds

Glenn Reynolds talks with Scott Bullock, from the Institute for Justice, about  free market litigation, private property, and the curious case of the Benedictine Monks.

Aug 25, 2010 13min
A New Majority: Support for Tea Party Candidates Reaches New High in PJTV's Tea Party Tracking Poll

Tea Party TV

For the first time, a majority of likely voters say they would vote for a Tea Party candidate.  

Aug 25, 2010 4min
Bill Whittle & Sam Cohen: North Korea's Nuclear Madness, Part 2 (Members Only)

PJTV Special

Sam Cohen and Bill Whittle continue their discussion about North Korea's atomic aspirations.

Aug 25, 2010 12min
Coast to Coast: Thomas Paine, Common Sense and Bob Basso


Stephen Green revs up the his vodka fueled time machine and introduces viewers to Thomas Paine.  

Aug 25, 2010 13min
Carp & Gripe: Our Teen President's New PR Team?


The buck still stops at the President's desk, right?  Maybe not. 

Aug 25, 2010 10min
Obama's Hollywood Gridlock


Is the entertainment industry sensing something that even the polls aren't telling us: that Obama is a losing franchise?  

Aug 24, 2010 9min
No Plan November? The GOP's Nonexistent Roadmap


Republicans seem content to watch Obama and the Democratic Party implode, but is that a viable November strategy?

Aug 24, 2010 8min