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How Sweet It Could Be: Haiti & US Need Free Trade, Not Sean Penn


Trifecta goes Zo as Alfonzo Rachel joins Steve Green and Scott Ott. Does Haiti need Sean Penn, or could it use a healthy dose of free trade? Could an end to US agricultural subsidies result in lower food prices in the United States while boosting Haiti's sugar economy?  

Oct 14, 2010 13min
Political Mad Men: The Best and Worst Campaign Ads of the Season


The Trifecta gang looks at this election season's most notable political advertisements.  

Oct 13, 2010 10min
GERRYMANDERING: How Incumbents Fix Elections

PJTV Special

Are our elections hopelessly fixed by the redistricting process? Find out as Alexis Garcia talks with producer Bill Mundell and Writer Director Jeff Reichert about their film Gerrymandering.  

Oct 13, 2010 10min
Party On? Will Tea Party Activists Keep Pressure on Politicians After the Elections? (Members Only)


Join Alfonzo Rachel, Steve Green and Scott Ott in this Members Only Trifecta. The Trifecta gang examines the power of the Tea Party movement in the upcoming general election. Are primary victories enough, or is there more work to be done by grass roots organizers. 

Oct 13, 2010 10min
PJTV REPORT: Why Do They 'Like' Social Network? And Join PJTV's Election Fraud Watch Initiative

PJTV Special

Brandi Milloy and Danika Quinn discuss the latest stories on PJTV. Audiences like The Social Network -- do its factual distortions make any difference?  Plus Rules for Radical Conservatives.

Oct 13, 2010 8min
Hamming It Up With Glenn Reynolds (No Animals Were Harmed in the Taping of this Segment)

InstaVision With Glenn Reynolds

Mary Katharine Ham talks with Glenn Reynolds about the election season and the future of young conservatives in media. See Ham's recent parody of MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and his typing skills on this edition of InstaVision.


Oct 13, 2010 11min
A Star Is Born, and Her Name Is Noem (Members Only)

PJTV Special

Bryan Preston and Alexis Garcia bring you up to date on political campaigns around the nation.  

Oct 13, 2010 5min
MINORITY REPORT: Michelle Rhee Improved Our Worst Public Schools, But Politicians Still Ousted Her

PJTV Special

Why did Mayor Adrian Fenty lose the primary to Vincent Gray? Was it because he wasn't Black enough, or because he appointed an Asian woman as the chancellor of D.C.'s pubic schools? Joe Hicks talks about the role race played in the downfall of Mayor Fenty.

Oct 12, 2010 8min
Throwing the Book at Obama, But Can He Turn the Page?


Steve Green and Scott Ott welcome Alfonzo Rachel to this edition of Trifecta. Why did an author throw a book at Obama? Why Juan James Rodriguez run naked across in front of Obama? Are things just getting plain weird for this President?  

Oct 12, 2010 7min
OBAMA'S AMERICA: Buddy, Can You Spare a Food Stamp?

Front Page with Allen Barton

Obama's America -- private employment is down, the middle-class has stopped spending, and 1/8 the country is on food stamps.

Oct 11, 2010 10min