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Gen44: The Stunning Narcissism of President Obama


"This guy is a stunning narcissist" -- Stephen Green


Mar 29, 2012 8min
Trayvon Tragedy: Race Hustling Left Using Death to Inflate Hate


"Race relations in this country have gotten worse" -- Stephen Green


Mar 28, 2012 7min
Rep. Bobby Rush Dons Hooded Sweatshirt in Congress; Spike Lee Terrorizes Old Couple

PJ News Break

"Considering he's already a Congressman, he doesn't need a hoodie to make him a hoodlum" -- Scott Ott

Mar 28, 2012 3min
Open Mic Treason Night? Obama's Secret Message to Russia


"The missile defense system they're talking about protects our allies in Europe" -- Scott Ott

Mar 27, 2012 7min
ObamaNews Break: ObamaCare, ObamaMandates, ObamaCeption and ObamaNuggets?!?

PJ News Break

"The First Lady...has rebranded brussels sprouts as ObamaNuggets" -- Scott Ott


Mar 26, 2012 4min
Federal Security Theater: TSA Pats Down Child in Wheelchair; Have the Terrorists Won? (Members Only)


"At what point have the terrorists won" -- Bill Whittle

Mar 26, 2012 4min
Week in Blogs: If Only We Treated Obama The Way The Left Treated Cheney


"I'm on enough dayquil right now to put Charlie Sheen down" -- Steve Green

Mar 24, 2012 5min
Etch A Sketch Moments: RomneyCare Creator Blasts ObamaCare While Santorum Endorses...Obama?!?

PJ News Break

"Rick Santorum now uses an Etch A Sketch" -- Scott Ott


Mar 23, 2012 3min
Fair & Balanced Reporting, Courtesy of a Pelosi?!? Poverty Videos Enrage Libs & Cons


"Can you at least be mean and petty to both sides?' -- Bill Whittle

Mar 22, 2012 7min
Lifestyles of the Rich & Socialist: Why Celebrity Socialists Love Obama


"He [Obama] is still doing fine with multi-millionaire supermodels" -- Stephen Green

Mar 21, 2012 6min