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Golden Groans: Trifecta Has Had Enough of Hollywood Award Ceremonies (Members Only)


"The Oscars don't mean anything anymore" -- Bill Whittle


Jan 18, 2012 4min
Newt Gingrich Scores Big Rhetorical Point in South Carolina Debate, But Is He a Racist?


"What is it about heartless conservatives that makes them want to give poor kids a chance" -- Stephen Green

Jan 17, 2012 7min
15) Madison Was Really Wrong

Freedom Academy


Jan 16, 2012 4min
Attacks on Romney Backfire. Plus, Is Ron Paul Gearing Up for a Third Party Campaign?

PJ News Break

"Each Taliban suicide bomber faithfully follows this simple command--'urinate before you detonate'" -- Scott Ott

Jan 13, 2012 4min
An Emoticon of Stupidity? Meghan McCain Is Making Liberals Look Intelligent


"They are idiots" -- Bill Whittle

Jan 12, 2012 6min
Romney Wins New Hampshire, But Field Continues to South Carolina

PJ News Break

"Now getting the top job at Fannie or Freddie requires only a high school diploma…" -- Scott Ott


Jan 11, 2012 3min
Obama in Wonderland: White House Throws Secret Alice in Wonderland Party


"The visitor logs are rigged" -- Stephen Green 

Jan 11, 2012 8min
Oh Baby! What the Jay-Z, Beyoncé Baby Controversy Tells Us About Celebrities (Members Only)


"Celebrities are better than we are" -- Stephen Green


Jan 11, 2012 4min
The Six Hundred Million Dollar Man: Does Mitt Romney Have a Bain Capital Problem?


"What Newt Gingrich is doing here is inexcusable, disgusting, ridiculous and this is why we're going to lose this election." -- Bill Whittle

Jan 10, 2012 6min
Tim Tebow's OT Football Miracle

PJ News Break

"Tebow...immediately dropped to one knee and prayed to Jesus" -- Scott Ott 

Jan 9, 2012 3min