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Hidden Camera: Tim Tebow & Tom Brady Register to Vote in Minnesota

PJTV Special

  Feb 7, 2012 11min
Hot Seat with Bill Whittle: Biracial Right-Wing Families?

PJTV Special

"If it's a catastrophe, it's a catastrophe for the entire nation." --Bill Whittle

Feb 6, 2014 9min
Hot Seat with Bill Whittle: Does Evolution Make God Irrelevant? (Members Only)

PJTV Special

"I heard somebody say once that the Democrats are giving away free candy and the Republicans are trying to sell vegetables" -- Bill Whittle

Apr 5, 2013 15min
Killing Paradise: Jim Lacy says Taxes Ruining California

PJTV Special

"California in many ways is the ghost of Christmas future, for the rest of the nation." - John Phillips

Mar 31, 2014 13min
Knowledge and Power

PJTV Special


Jun 11, 2013 25min
Obsession Trailer

PJTV Special

PJTV Shows ]

Oct 20, 2008 2min
RNC 2o G H Bush Video


 RNC video on President George Bush

Sep 2, 2008 0min
Silicon Graffiti: Blog World 2010

Ed Driscoll's Silicon Graffiti

Vegas, baby.

Oct 28, 2010 9min
Silicon Graffiti: How America's Paranoid Press Steers the Coverage

Ed Driscoll's Silicon Graffiti

The press wasted no time blaming Sarah Palin for the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. This is nothing new. The mainstream media blamed America, and not the communist Lee Harvey Oswald, for the shooting of JFK. Hear more as Ed Driscoll makes the case against biased media. 

Jan 28, 2011 9min
The Gaffney Report: A Lifetime of Elena Kagan is a Very Long Time

PJTV Special

Is this nation ready for Elena Kagan?  Find out on the as Frank Gaffney reveals the truth about Obama's latest Supreme Court Candidate.  

Aug 8, 2008 2min