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Upstate NY Explained: Tea Party Organizer Gives Details of Dem Congressional Victory

PJTV Special

"We're not wealthy people. We're just trying to make it so that when our kids grow up and our grandkids, they're not paying for all the mistakes that this government is making right now." -- Paul Rusin 

May 27, 2011 14min
BREAKING: Obama Reaches Contraception Compromise, But Won't Pass a Budget

PJ News Break

"About 60 percent of mortgages are held by government-owned mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, whose executives did not take part in negotiations, due to a previous commitment to watch the Super Bowl." -- Scott Ott

Feb 10, 2012 3min
Leaving Al Gore

Klavan on Culture

 Love a good sequel? Then get ready for An Inconvenient Truth 2: This Time It's Personal. Andrew Klavan has the inside story on the Gore's break up. Klavan's sources are as impeccable as the scientific basis of global warming. Watch & comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3767

Jun 24, 2010 4min
Executive Lawlessness: Obama's Weapons of Political Intimidation


"It’s tyranny" -- Bill Whittle

Jan 29, 2014 6min
PJTV Person of the Year Nominations: Viewer Input Needed


Viewers, please leave your nominations in the comments section.

Dec 11, 2010 3min
A For Effort! What Grade Do You Give the Obamacare Rollout? (Members Only)


“It would take 29 years to get everybody enrolled at this incredible rate.” - Bill Whittle

Oct 11, 2013 5min
Al Qaeda Is On The Run? Obama's Foreign Policy Projects Confusion and Weakness (Part 1)


“Can we stress this often enough … America gents went to war on the side of Al Qaeda.” - Bill Whittle

Aug 6, 2013 6min
And the GOP Nominee Will Be... Trifecta Oddsmakers Handicap the 2012 GOP Primaries


"It's about time this nation had a cranky, principled geezer in office" -- Bill Whittle


Jan 3, 2012 5min
Another "Stark" Truth: The Federal Government Can Do Most Anything In This Country


Trifecta looks at the Pete Stark controversy, the Obama health care chart, the North Korean soccer team and other issues of the day.


Aug 5, 2010 15min
Big City Liberals Are Flunking Out of the Electoral College


 Are left leaning population centers trying to disenfranchise the rest of the country?

Aug 6, 2010 11min