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The Burning Rage of Pastor Terry Jones

The Hicks File

The Koran is holy to over 1 billion people, and Terry Jones wants to burn it. Joe Hicks asks whether this, like the Ground Zero mosque, is an ignorant publicity stunt protected nonetheless by the First Amendment.  

Sep 11, 2010 6min
PJTV Daily Dec. 4th Terry Jones

PJTV Daily

Terry Jones joins us on set to compare and contrast the tenets of Reaganomics, the myth of Clintonomics and what we can expect from Obamanomics.

PJTV Daily Show ]

Dec 4, 2008 20min
Investor's Business Daily: Stimulus "View" With Guest Terry Jones

PJTV Daily

Best of PJTV This Week, Economy/Financial Shows ]

Feb 12, 2009 23min
A Prescription for Debt: Hidden Costs of the Healthcare Bill - Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Terry Jones

Medically Incorrect

Dr. Peter Weiss interviews economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin about the costs of the healthcare bill that have not been revealed in the projections offered by the bill's supporters. ("Medically Incorrect") http://www.pjtv.com

Medically Incorrect ]

Nov 6, 2009 13min
Tax Day Tea Parties...Part 10: Yaron Brook, Terry Jones & a Philosophical Foundation For Protesting

Tea Party Coalition Show

Tea Party Coverage, American Tea Party ]

Apr 15, 2009 24min
Control Freaks: Author Terry Jeffrey on the 7 Ways Liberals Plan to Control Your Life

Front Page with Allen Barton

Terry Jeffrey joins Allen Barton to discuss his new book Control Freaks. Hear Jeffrey's chilling assessment of the liberal agenda.  

Sep 13, 2010 15min
Payroll Tax Cut: Is Obama Just Pushing More Debt and More Class Warfare?

Front Page with Allen Barton

"How do you get balance by stealing money...?" -- Terry Jones


Dec 16, 2011 8min
Poor Employment and Housing Numbers: Is the Stimulus High Finally Wearing off?

Front Page with Allen Barton

"Unexpected bad news keeps coming out. Every month." -- Terry Jones

Jun 6, 2011 10min
Obama Slams Capitalism, Again: Private Equity in the Era of Liberal Iniquity

Front Page with Allen Barton

"It's interesting they don't talk about all the success stories that have come out of private equity."  -- Elan Journo

May 19, 2012 7min
Condescender In Chief: Obama's Energy Rhetoric Is Running Out of Gas

Front Page with Allen Barton

"We have a tremendous amount of oil in this country. We have more oil than Saudi Arabia times ten." -- Terry Jones 

Apr 9, 2011 9min