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Economics_Hazlitt_PJTV Lesson #1: The Lesson Explained

Economics in One Lesson

Confused by economics? Don't be. Tune into PJTV's Economics Lesson #1: The Lesson Explained. Hear why economics can be reduced to one simple sentence.

Jan 7, 2015 4min
Why Arab Sheiks Need Palestinian Refugees & Western Leftists Need Both (Pt. 4/4)

The Future of the Middle East

Do Leftists need radical Islam to bloody us overseas, and jihadis need Leftists to demoralize us at home? Shouldn’t rich Arabs help Palestinian refugees?

Dec 23, 2014 20min
Is "Radical Islam" Merely Islam, and "Moderate Muslim" Just Apostate? (Pt. 3/4)

The Future of the Middle East

Radical Muslim jihadis explode in the headlines, but does “moderate" better describe most Muslims. Why don’t we see them? Who, or what, are we fighting?

Dec 17, 2014 21min
Hating Israel: Is the Jewish State the Region's Bane, or its Blessing? (Pt. 1/4)

The Future of the Middle East

In Israel, a state unique in the passions it stirs, lies the destiny of the region. The Future of the Middle East (Pt. 1 of 4) probes conventional wisdom.

Dec 3, 2014 22min
Feed the Beast? Economist Argues That Increased Taxes Lead to Smaller Government

Front Page with Allen Barton

"Whether we have periods of low taxes or periods of high taxes, government seems to grow" -- Yaron Brook 

Jan 1, 2013 8min
Brits Going Galt? U.K. Millionaires Vanishing

Front Page with Allen Barton

"10,000 millionaires disappeared" -- Allen Barton

Dec 8, 2012 13min
Big Mac Labor Attack: Unions Shake Down Fast Food Joints

Front Page with Allen Barton

"What they [fast food workers] are going to do is price themselves out of jobs" -- Terry Jones


Dec 7, 2012 8min
Bill Whittle & Yaron Brook One-On-One: The Threat of Nuclear Iran & the Future of the Middle East

PJTV Special

"Getting rid of the nuclear problem in Iran is only the beginning.  What really needs to happen is you got to get rid of that regime." -- Yaron Brook

Sep 6, 2012 19min
Free Market Revolution: Did Ayn Rand Provide a Path to Economic Prosperity?

PJTV Special

"This is a philosophical, ideological war we are fighting.  We need to win the battle of ideas---we need to win it everywhere.  And it's going to be hard." -- Yaron Brook

Sep 5, 2012 14min
Michigan's War on Wieners & Entrepreneurs: City Shuts Down Young Man's Hot Dog Stand

Front Page with Allen Barton

"The solution is to get rid of the taxes on the restaurant owners, rather than to restrict people from entering [the market] and competing with them." -- Yaron Brook

Aug 7, 2012 6min